Question of the Day: If You Could Make A Personality Trait Disappear….

I don’t know why I thought of this question for today, but I did and maybe you will like to answer it. It’s not that I am secretly mad at someone for doing something to me or anything like that, it’s just a weird question. Imagine if you could make the personality trait of someone that urked you VANISH.

Well not exactly

That’s more like making something “appear,” but whatever, CLOSE ENOUGH. Also, that Pokecat is kinda funny and I needed a reason to share it with all of ye of Buzznet.

So let’s talk about the rules of engagement for today’s question. The trait that you choose to disappear from you lucky so and so must be from a person that you know. That’s pretty much it. You have to know the person. Don’t forget to tell us why you’d make that trait vanish.

Let’s also talk about how I was looking for a Bobby Hill gif of him as a magician but I couldn’t find one so all you are getting is this:

Go answer things, thx

If you could make a personality trait disappear from someone you know, what would it be?