Question of the Day: Halloween Stuff

Today is Halloween, which doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you’re into this festive little day. I am wrapped up in a bunch of streamers and I kind of look like a mummy/burn victim. Maybe I can say that I am The Night of the Living Office Supplies or something.

Are you my mummy?

Anyway, I don’t really have a question for you all today because I just want to go to Veggie Grill today and eat at 11, so all I am thinking about is food. I am also thinking about how I have to pee and that’s going to be an adventure in itself. Fun. Not really.


I guess today we can talk about memories and stuff. You know, like your favorite Halloween memories or whatever you want. You can post gifs, photos, or anything else Halloweenish in the comments if it tickles your fancy times.

I’m sitting here at my desk putting staples on parts of my costume that are falling apart, right meow, JSYK.

LoL Grumpus Tard

It is now time to share stuff, yay! Tell me about Halloween or share with me anything noteworthy that you feel is Halloweenish. Are you ready? GO!

Happy Halloween!