Question of the Day: Can You Give Me Some Advice?

Happy Monday! Does anyone really tell anyone that? Should we? I know a lot of us here are a Monday hating Garfield-ians.

Are Monday’s really that bad? I mean, YOU’RE A CAT, Garfield. WTF do you do all day but sleep and eat lasagna?

Anymews, here we are, at the start of another week and I am kind of ready to knock it out. What about you? Are you ready to cause trouble on the internet? Hopefully you said “yes” and you will cause trouble with me here on Buzznets. Yay!

Let’s talk about this whole advice question that I have asked you about. I personally don’t need any advice, but don’t be sad. We are going to give each other advice like they are over there on Twitter with the #ThreeWordsOfAdvice tag.

Mostly this is all about being happy and stuff. Please to share your pearls of wisdom and tell us how to increase our zen life with only THREE WORDS. You can do it. I knows it. Here are some fun advice gifs:

You Stay Classy, SD

Sing Your Life

and that’s pretty much all I have right meow. Now it’s your turn. Are you ready? YES YOU ARE! Let’s make this Monday a happy one and make the week even better because sometimes hating everything makes your face look weird.