Question of the Day: It’s Fall & Stuff!

I know, I know. We always do one of these when it’s this time of year and that’s because FALL IS AWESOME.

Wow. I haven’t used that gif in a while.

So fall was here like, for a few days last week, and that was pretty nice. Mostly it was overcast, rainy, and everything was sad like how I feel inside, except it was EVERYWHERE. Now, it’s like, back in the 80’s and I kind of want to die. GO AWAY, HEAT. No one likes you and you have definitely worn out your summer welcome. I guess that’s what I get for living in the desert.

Is it another season where you all live now? I really hope it is. If it isn’t, maybe global warming is happening and that makes me sadface. Isn’t the world supposed to end this year?

Close Enough

For today, your quest is to find me things that signal your current seasonal favorites. Anything that you love about your current season: POST IT. Something that happened to you during this season that you love: POST IT. Anything that has to do with why you love this season: POST IT.

Are you ready? YES YOU ARE. AND GO!

Make me FALL 4 U!

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