Question of the Day: Have You Ever Had To Turn Someone Down?

Rather than ask you about the trending topic on Twitter where this Question of the Day originates, I shall ask you something that is a tad more tailored to not be awful. This is often the case with these things and I like to tell you how awful the internet is sometimes to make myself feel better.

So, for the internet, I offer up this here sentiment:

Well isn’t he just a bucket full of sass?

Let’s talk about relationship stuff. Well, not even “actual” relationships because this QOTD is all about nipping things in the bud before they can turn into flowers THAT DIE. JK LOL

Now, I am not going to say that turning people away happens much to me because it doesn’t. As we all know, I am a hermit of sorts but sometimes, just sometimes, things happen that make me get social and then I meet people. Sometimes, and I mean “rarely” here, people like me in a weird way and I can’t figure out why.

Since I usually hate everyone, I have to put my paw down and say “no” to these few and far between advances.


A lot of times, it just seems like people are REALLY EAGER to get into cahoots and that makes wonder exactly why they are that way and it’s a big NOPE for me. That’s usually why I turn people away.


That is what we are gong to talk about today. If you have ever had to turn someone away from the door that leads to the house of your heart, why did you? Tell me stuff. It’s only fair since I’ve shared with you. That is all. Are you ready? Annnnnd GO!

Have you ever had to turn someone down?