Must-Watch TV Show: 666 Park Avenue

From the moment I watched the commercial for 666 Park Avenue on TV, the storyline had already intrigued me. And once I watched the first episode, I was hooked. This spooky, sexy, spine-tingling, new drama asks you the question, “What would you do to have everything you’ve always wanted?” We all have desires and ambitions. For the residents of the first-class apartment building, The Drake, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, these needs will be met, but they will have to pay the price, courtesy of the building’s mysterious, charming, owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn). But be careful what you wish for, because your soul is the price you have to pay.

The show follows Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable), who are a young, intelligent, ambitious, couple who are looking for a job in New York City. Once they are offered a job to manage the historic Drake, Jane and Martin excitedly take the job, mistified by the presence of the Drake.

Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) and Olivia (Vanessa Williams) Doran take young couple Jane and Henry under their wing, with the young couple being clueless of how powerful the Dorans actually are. Jane starts to become curious about the Drake and its historical past. To feed her curiousity about the Drake, she starts to do research and the things she discovers are quite frightening, bringing suspicion to Jane’s eyes.

666 Park Avenue has many captivating characters and storylines, but one character that really interested me was 14-year-old Nona Clark (Samantha Logan), who has the ability to see the future of her fellow neighbors at the Drake. There are many times in the show when Nona tries to subtly warn her fellow neighbors in attempt to help avoid deathly situations.

Based on the book series by Gabriella Pierce, 666 Park Avenue will leave you in suspense, wanting more each episode. If you are interested in watching the show, it comes on at 9:00-10:00 p.m. CT. on Sunday nights on ABC. The series premiered September 30th, but it’s never too late to start watching. The pilot is available to watch on under 666 Park Avenue on the show’s main page. I can’t wait to see what interesting twists are in store for the show this season.