Music Monday: The Pretty Reckless.

If you are a huge T.V. fan, then you know Taylor Momsen as Jenny from Gossip Girl, but you’ve never seen or heard her like this before. Her band is in the top five of my favourite bands ever.

Artist of the Week: The Pretty Reckless.

My music tastes do seem to vary, but this band is a band I honestly never imagined myself falling in love with. I mean come on, how can I not be in love? From her brutally honest lyrics, to her raspy, smoky voice to her kick ass music videos I can’t help but to swoon over her. Taylor Momsen is the ultimate imitation of what a girl should be.

One of my favourite songs that brings tears to my eyes is a song off of her newest EP, titled “Under The Water.”

The lyrics just set so heavy on my mind, not to mention how raw and how powerful they can be.

“Broken lines, across my mirror; show my face, all red and bruised…”

When looking at her music videos, or even some of her songs, her music can honestly kind of concern me, but that’s why it’s perfect. It keeps you guessing.

Listen to them, and soak them up. They are such a fantastic band. You can buy there albums HERE and HERE.