Music Monday: The Pretty Reckless (CONT.)

Ok, I’m literally so obsessed with this band that I can’t get over it. I had to post this blog and I think you’ll greatly appreciate it.

If you don’t know, AMP Rock TV posts Youtube videos called “The Words,” which is a beautiful way of having a one-on-one with the artist and the break down of a song in the most perfect way. They’ve done Marylin Manson, Evanescence, and my favorite, Taylor Momsen.

When I posted my Music Monday two weeks ago, I chose the song “Under The Water” simply because every part of that song relates to me more than anything. But to watch this, and hear the vulnerability in Taylor’s voice in this video just gives me CHILLS.

I can’t express how perfect this video is. It’s raw and oh so powerful.

What do you think?