The Most Important Performance Of Their Lives: The X Factor Episode 10 Recap

Thousand auditioned and now only 24 remain.

Each category has been invited in the judges’ home and the fight is on for a place in the last 16.

Tonight LA Reid and Britney Spears with guest judges Will.I.Am and Justin Bieber will listen their contestants and they will decide the four to keep in own category.

LA’s house

LA: I’m here to find the star!

Jason is the first one to perform and he really hope to be the one LA wants to keep with him to live shows and while he’s waiting to be call outside, Jason talks with the other contestants telling he never had the right support by his family and for him this is a great oppurtunity.

The song he chose is “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie and also the other contestants follow this performance, Tate is really impressed: Dude, he’s really good! – he says.

David is the second one; “in this competition forget pressure” he says and performes on an exciting ballad version of “Domino” by Jessie J and he gives L.A. Reid “chill bumps” during his tender performance; while Justin Bieber adds: “I think he will go far!”

LA: They have to show me that they really want it!

Daryl is waiting for your turn and expresses some thoughts: “This is the last audition before possibly going to live shows, there’s a lot of pressure” but he’s glad that his wife and his children are proud of him.

The man puts his “heart and soul out there” during his performance of Hall & Oates’ “She’s Gone”

Scooter, Justin Bieber’s manager: He has a special voice!

Country crooner Tate takes on Brian McKnight’s “Back At One” at L.A. Reid’s house at Judges’ Homes. L.A. liked it, but wondered, “Is he a keeper?”

Tate just wants his family is proud of him, he’s doing all this also for them because first and foremost he is a father and a husband!

And I have to repeat it: I really love this man! His voice is amazing and he reminds me of the typical movies voices, the one you listen in the background!

Justin adds: He’s charismatic!

Vino tells he had a really difficult childhood because his mother married a man who abused of them and music helped him a lot. I have to say that I really love Vino, he could seems a bad boy and also rude but for me he has such a great heart, he’s just went through difficult stuff in his life and he shows his softer side on an intensely emotional rendition of Pink’s “Sober”. I really really loved this version!

Damn, this year there are amazing musical arrangments, love them all!

Tara is the last one and she is really nervous at them moment because she can taste what she’s living is real and she delivers on Hoobastank’s “The Reason” at L.A. Reid’s house during Judges’ Homes.

“It was a near perfect performance,” she said after singing.

Justin: She has a big voice!

LA gives us a last opinion before to decide who to keep with him saying: “After have heard all the contestants it’s more tough than I could imagine”

We need to listen Britney’s category, the Teens one yet.

All the young guys are sharing own opinion in Britney’s living room and damn, I really envy them! Probably they don’t know how luck they are to be there and sitting on Britney’s couches….

Arin: Competition this year is crazy!

Britney says Will.I.Am has such a fresh sound and he’s the best for to help her in this decision.

Diamon is the first again. She can’t believe to be there and she’s proud of herself.

She sings “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne.

She has something particular in her voice, she is able to express each single words in a so clear way. I really really love this girl!

Will: She sings amazing but she cares about the moves too much

Britney: I think she needs to work on stage performances and to be a little bit more confidence.

And Beatrice adds: “Flawless to the point where it’s not fair.”

Will also asks Britney if Diamond is one of the four she will pick and she answers to want to see the other performances before to decide.

It’s time for listen Reed which performs the Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”.

Britney thought he could’ve done better: “I think he was nervous”

Britney: I think it’s a really hard competition because I got six acts and I have only to take four through with me to live shows. This is gonne be the most important performance of thier lives!

The third one to perform is James and he entertains thoroughly on Shop Boyz’ “Party Like a Rock Star”

James: I really hope to did enough!

Britney: He’s very entertaining. I’m not convinced he’s strong enough!

For Arin is the second time at judges’ house and he’s glad about that. Last year he tried the auditions with a group but he didn’t go so well. Will and Britney talks with him before the performance and advice him to stay confident.

Arin performs on a really curious ballad version of “Starships” by Nicki Minaj that rends the song really interesting and Will says: “He has something but he’s a potential X Factoner”; while Britney adds: “I love watching him!”

Beatrice is the next one but she’s really really nervous and arrives in front of stage with some tears in her eyes. She performs on “Titanium” by David Guetta ft. Sia.

I have to say that she can do definitely better, probably she was just too much nervous! Her voice is really powerful but this wasn’t one of her best performances.

Will says she’s fresh while Britney thinks she has to control her voice a little bit more. She needs to control her loudness.

Carly Rose is the last one: Britney and Will do a talk with her before her performance on Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” that leaves the judges thinking she’s something else. “She’s possessed,” says “She’s like a little caterpillar and then you think she’s gonna turn into a butterfly…Dragon! Scorching the town,” addsthe guest mentor.

I’m really really agree with Will, she is really talented and with Diamond, she’s my favorite in this category!

Britney also adds: “She’s very talented young girl!”

Now she has to decide who to keep with her and who to eliminate while the contestants are in their hotel sharing some opinions about their performance.

Next week the judges reveal who they’ve chosen to make to the live shows.

24 will become 16!

Which is your favorite in Over 25s and Teens category?