This Is The Moment Of Truth: The X Factor Episode 11 Recap

Last week judges discovered which category they are going to mentoring and the 24 acts had the last performance in judges’ home before live shows.

Tonight only four in each category go through live shows:

24 become 16!

Britney: I’m in my house in Malibu with my category, the Teens and today it’s the day!

Our Queen B is almost ready, last retouches to hair and make up, she’s beautiful in that white and elegant Herve Leger dress.

Contestants are in their hotel waiting for the day and meanwhile they are talking with their parents went in Malibu for support their children.

Britney: After they performed, they completely changed my mind. I’ve been in their place before and it’s a hard thing to do!

Teens are in Britney’s home waiting for her decision.

Carly: I’m nervous!

Diamond: A yes from Britney would be the world for me. I hope Britney have seen something in me like someone have seen something in her!

Once again, Diamond is the first one to know her destiny.

Britney: You really changed my mind. There are a lot of things that worked so good. I made my decision: you go through to the final four!

Diamond is speechless and embrace Britney so tight and thanks her too then she calls her grandmother, such a lovely scene!

I’m so so happy Diamond passed, she’s one of my favorites!

Carly is the second one: “Today it’s a huge moment for me!” she says.

Britney: Your performance showed so much technique and me and Will both were very very shocked about the things you can do with your voice. It’s not just about having a good voice, you need to have a whole package… My final decision is you through to the final four!

Well done, Britney! Carly is a rare pearl, I’m sure she’s going to be a superstar!

Carly reaches Diamond and the two little girls cheering: “We are going to the live show”. So pretty!

It’s time to know if Arin‘s path will go on or it stops here. For him it’s the second chance and he has to hear a yes, says to cameras.

Britney: There are a lot of things about your performance were amazing. You have charisma and confidence but I do feel like there are a lot of talents in this group… so I made my decision and you go through the final four!

I’m so glad for him, he had a second opportunity and I hope he can all his best for to reach his aim!

Meanwhile… Beatrice is really really sad and worried to be one of the “no” decisions…

James: I hope to did enough

The young boy compliments with Britney: “you are very pretty”. Aww so cute!

Britney: you know how to use your advantage but there are a lot of things about your technical voice have to be worked on so I made my decisions… and you’re going home sweety! I’m so sorry!

And she embraces him…

I have to say that I had the suspect he was going back home!

James is really really sad and breaks in tears, his daddy reaches him in Britney’s lounge.

Britney: This is so hard. I don’t like to say no to people!

Beatrice and Reed are the last two and only one will go through the final four. Who will be?

Let’s see!

Britney to Reed: Yesterday was a great performance and it was really fun to watch. But you have to find the foundation you need. You need to understand what to means really singing using your breath and stomach correctly…

I made my decision: you’re going home. I’m really sorry!

Britney to Beatrice: There was a lot of good things about your performance but I think you were a little bit better during auditions… Sometimes nervous gets the best of you and you have to handle the pressure…

You go through the final four!

Reed after have known he has to come back home says to respect Britney’s decision and he’s glad about the other contestants go through; while Beatrice is radiant with a big and happy smile on her face and adds: “Britney Spears gave me a yes!”

At the end Britney reaches the final four in the lounge and congratulates with them!

I guessed the final four, I was pretty sure about James and I was wavering about Reed or Beatrice but I thought Beatrice last performance was dicted by the nervous and she can do better so I thought Reed was the second one to leave!

Over 25s category

LA: I can only take four of my six acts. It’s not a secret: this is not my favorite category but I found it’s a really strong category!

The six contestants express their thoughts before to know LA’s decision.

David is the first one and he says to have waited this opportunity for his whole life.

LA: There are so many things about you that I really really like. You have a great energy… but I can only take four people through… and you are in my final four!

He auditioned to X Factor because he wanted to find his birth mom and he got it! I just found an article about that, check it out here

I’m so so happy for him!

Daryl is the second and he says he’s going this for his wife and his kids!

LA: I like you, when you came on that stage you remind of myself. You are so truely talent but this is the part of my job I hate the most: I made my decision: this way stops! Sorry!

Daryl: I really respect LA but today he made a mistake and LA adds: This the toughtest part!

And this is it, damn! I didn’t expect LA eliminated Daryl, I’m so sorry for him!

Jason: I always wanted to be a star!

I have to say that his way to sing reminds me a lot about the one of an Italian singer that I really love! It’s amazing, love his black voice!

LA: You have a really strong voice and I’m a fan. The question is can you become a massive star? and I made my decision: you are with me!

Jason is so happy and he asks to LA if he can hug him. Such adorable!

Only three remain but only two will pass.

Will be Tara, Tate or Vino?

Let’s see…

Tate: LA Reid decided my faith!

He is really really nervous

LA: I remember the very first audition being really really impressed. You don’t have a lot of confidence about you. Sometimes it’s about confidence that’s make it tough and this is the part of my job I hate the most… my decision is: congratulations, you are one of the four!

OMG! I seriously thought LA went Tate back home.

Tate is speechless: “It’s amazing, it’s great!”

Tara and Vino are the last one…

Tara says she can’t go home with a no today while Vino explains people judge him to the way he looks but when he starts to sing all are impressed and don’t expect that talent he has.

LA to Tara: I think you are incredible, I love your competitive nature and at the same time I have my questions about you… my decision is: this way stops, I’m so sorry!

LA to Vino: Your voice is so different and very very special. There are moments where I scratched my head and I say: man, I just don’t… I don’t see how it works!

Vino is really worried: LA, please, make me a chance, man!

LA: This is big man. Saying yes and go you through is a huge commitment for me… Vino you made it through. Congratulations to you!

YAAAAAAY I’m so so happy for Vino and I was pretty sure Tara had to leave!

Vino calls his mom after have known LA’s decison.

In the end LA reaches the final four and exclaims: We are a family!

Young adults category

Demi made her decision and this is the moment of truth!

Contestants talk about their feeling before to know who will go on and who has to come back home

Jennel is the first one and says this is anything for her because she has no a job and school anymore.

Demi: you have an incredible voice but I have few concearns… I feel as if you are really insecure with your performance… I’ve made a decision: Jennel you are in my final four! This is a huge opportunity for you!

I’m so so glad, she’s so pretty!

Willie: This is the biggest moment ever in my whole life. I refuse to go home.

Demi: so, you are completly unique and people loved it but it’s like an endled battle in your head. How much gonna see country and how much gonna see r’n’b…. it’s a risk! so I’ve made my decision and you are in my final four!

Damn, Willie almost died when he heard it hahaha

Nick says is so close to get it and he can’t go home now…

Let’s see Demi’s decision:

You are so much fun to watch on stage. My concearn is with all the talent I’ve seen, we have a really high bar. Nick I’ve made my decision and you’re going home.

The boy breaks in tears with Willie and Jennel… I’m so sorry for him, you know arrived at this point, all of them deserve live shows but I have admit there are a lot of other huge talent in his and in the other category, the level is really high!

Three girls remian: Paige, Jillian and Cece…

It’s Paige’s turn… Damn I really love this girl every day more, she’s so fragile but she also has such a big heart and a lovely mommy, everything she does or says is for her baby girl.

Paige: I need a yes for Paige and Jade (her daughter)

Demi: You are a huge and gorgeous person and people knows it but unfortunately it’s not all about that. You are a beautiful mother but the question is this journey for you? I made my decision: you’re going through my final four!

“I’m ready and I’m so happy” the girl said after settle down, she cried a lot during Demi’s decision.

So now who between Jillian and Cece will pass?

Jillian says this is her opportunity to fly while Cece admits this whole experience changed her but at the same time she’s worried for Demi’s decision…

Demi to Jillian: you are so extremely talented. The problem is this competition. Sometimes I have to do really tough decisions. Jillian you’re going home, I’m so sorry!

Demi to Cece: I told you it was difficult to find a balance on you between fierce and attitude in a way people can relate you. Yesterday you took my advice but you need to work on… You are my final four! Go to celebrate!

Jennel is worried for Jillian and listens her cry and she almost thinks it’s a good cry but unfortunately Jillian has to come back home and she embrace her friend so tight both in tears and Demi cries too!

Ok, I can’t stand Cece but it’s so obvious this is still a tv show and like all the tv shows, audience needs to see show and for this reason Cece remains and Jillian come back home.

Cece is in a sort of fight with Paige since bootcamp, that’s the reason why she is still here!

And the last one category is the groups…

Contestants waiting for the result that can change their life forever…

Lyric: This is one of the biggest thing you can expect. I think world is ready for something different

ONE4FIVE: Now we are living, before we survived

Simon communicates his decision: I loved the humor you put in the song. I have to bring with me who I’m sure people are going to blown away… I made my decision and it’s a really good decision!

YAAAAY I’m freaking happy! Finally a bit of great hip hop in a talent show!

Dope Crisis are the second group…

Simon: you couldn’t put more in that performance, it was genuine… but I made my decision: it’s a bad news, I’m really sorry!

Ouch, I didn’t expect it! But Simon is unpredictable and I’m not sure who I thought he come back home are the real one…

Emblem3 during the last audition they weren’t at 100% and now they add to be focused and to want all this!

What I don’t like is the fact they flattered Simon like he was God on Earth, ok he already got his decision, but I don’t like how lap dogs these three boys are, I don’t like them!

Simon: I’ve been impressed by you since the first time I saw your audition. It’s been the first time I was excited by a group. I always liked originality, I love people who have charisma… what you did yesterday was good but I expected better… I made my decision: I think you winners!

Unfortunately the episode finished here, I think it was a wrong from tv schedule since only on November 1st start live shows…

So on Thursday 23 they will broadcast this episode again I think with the last part of Simon decision…

UPDATE: October 23, 2012

We still have to discover which group Simon sent back home…

Sister C, LYLAS and Playback are waiting for the result…

Sister C are in front of Simon hearing his decision.

Personally I don’t like them and I repeat once again: I find them really annoying just like Brit said but Simon decision seems different, in fact he says:

“When I heard you sing I can imagine on a future to recognize you on the radio. Talent is the most important thing and personality and ability is really really important as well…. I think America will love you

Now LYLAS and Playback, the two groups formed inside the show, are the last ones but only one will go through the live shows…

It’s girls against boys!

Simon: Hello boys! (to Playback) Sometimes it works spectacurely well when group are put on a show sometimes not… I found a chemestry but I made my decision and it’s a bad news, I’m really sorry!

I expected it because their performance wasn’t so much great, there were some things that missed but only because they hadn’t enough time to work together, they were really good!

Simon: A little nervous? (to LYLAS) I was very very impressed about your vocals… You are through!

I’m so so happy because they really impressed me!

So, are you agree with judges decisions?