So this year I thought it would be fun to look back at Dr.Mojo and his girlfriend Flojo celebrating Halloween at Bizarreland 😀

This was Dr.Mojo before his beloved Flojo arrived here from London. He was very brave in those days going to Haunted Houses on his own 😀

This was his first attemp at wearing a costume back in 2007 !! He was Mr.T ……..

Dr.Mojo and Flojo on their first Halloween together, he was Dr.Mo “BOO” and she was Little “FLO” Peep in 2008 😀

Also in 2008 Dr.Mojo and his brother Jack and Flojo and her sister Sindy posing with their Halloween candy 😀

And Dr.Mojo and Flojo enjoying their Candy Corn 😀

In 2009 Dr.Mojo turned into the Mummy and Flojo dressed up as Scarecrow “FLO” they had lot’s of fun when Sindy and Jack helped them out of their costumes 😀

OH and Jack Skellington put on Flojo’s wig when she was Little “FLO” Peep and danced around 😀

E-MOE and the Bratty Kids ………

Went to the Haunted Farmyard where Mr.Pumpkin Head told them a very scary story and they ran back home terrified 😀

In 2010 Dr.Mojo and Flojo wanted to recreate the painting American Gothic by artist Grant Wood circa 1930. I think they got it right on the mark with their rendition 😀

This was Dr.Mojo when he was a bachelor laying in my Anne Rice Vampire Cronicles audio tape coffin 😀

The Bratty Kids, JD, Jenn, Ben and Baby Boo dressed E-MOE up as a Princess for Halloween 😀

And then had a FAUX FUNERAL for him and let their pet spider Black walk all over him 😀

And finally here they are in 2011 as the Bride of “FLOJO” Frankenstein and Dr.”MOJO” Salvador Dali 😀

So I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little Zombie and his Sweetie I guess your wondering who they will be going as on Halloween ? I think you will just have to be patient and wait until then to find out but I think you will be surprised 😀