Life in Season’s: CHECKMATE

It’s been a rough week in my life and I’ve spent way to much time curled up in bed listening to John Mayer. In my seasons of life it seems like when one thing goes wrong everything else goes bad as well. From not getting an AMAZING opporuntiy to being so sick of boys being OBLIVIOUS it seems like I’m stuck. Stuck, like a piece in chess when you have no idea what your next move should be.

I mean i could just listen to the overplayed Grease tune, “Summer lovin’ had me a blast” and think of the good times but I can’t because something obvisouly happened and I can’t bring myself to ask. I could tell myself that it wasn’t my time to be put in my next career goal. I mean i’am only 19 (20 in 2 weeks but whose counting). I could tell myself that the hand holding, cuddling, late night chats and kisses were all just a friendly matter, but once again i can’t. CHECKMATE

I tend to get my hopes up way to much. I tend to live in a world where being a little kid sounds way cooler than being an adult. All this grown up stuff is hard. Why can’t life just go the way we planned. Like a movie with a happy ending. We land the guy, the dream job and of course spend countless hours singing a loud to our fav 80’s bands (I know, sounds like a cheesy 80’s movie).

But in the end I guess I’m going to look back at this season of life and laugh. Laugh at how much time I wasted trying to figure out what went wrong instead of trying to plan my next move. That’s what makes a great chess player. They’re already thinking of 10 other moves before you make yours.

So it’s midnight here in Ohio and I guess I’ll start planning my next 10 moves in life hoping that I won’t get a checkmate and have to restart all over again.