Halloween Inspirations + Q&A

Here are a few horror movie themed questions I answered for Buzznet as well as an awesome Halloween inpired gallery!

Who is your favorite villain from a TV show or a movie?

Beetlejuice! The best of the best. How could I not chose him?

Name three of your favorite scary movies!

The Craft, The Hunger, The Fearless Vampire Killers by Polanski

If you could spend the day with any superhero who would you pick?

Im not huge on super hero’s but I do have a bit of a crush on Batman, but who doesn’t?

Are you a fan of werewolfs or vampires?

Vampires… Twilight.. Rpatz.

What is your favorite famous horror scene?

Im not sure horror movies really put me in strange moods. I don’t really watch them much anymore unless they are light hearted ones ha! I think im more into the soundtracks, like when you hear Rob Zombie song, Shake Senoria or the Halloween theme it bring you back to the scenes!