Style Profile: Lena Dunham

Sometimes when I am sitting on my couch eating Flamin Hot Cheetos dipped in sour cream as dinner and Tweeting my innermost musings on life, I momentarily think that I am in fact the voice of my generation. Then I look up and watch part of the Girls episode I am watching for the fifth time and hang my head in shame. With her HBO hit show, Lena Dunham has really captured the coltish, awkward, hilarious nature of being a 24 year old GIRL in this day and age, and through this has captured the hearts of young women around the world. The reason the show works so well is that Lena is that girl she is writing about, from the right down the real woman curves and the quirky, awesome take on fashion, which involves a lot of vintage, tons of prints, and unexpected pops of color.

Here are some of Lena’s best looks. Comment on your favorites, and let us know what you think of Lena’s style.


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