Lauren Berger Shares Her Favorite Halloween Candy!

Here are some cute “This OR That” questions from Buzznet! Are YOU throwing a Halloween party, or attending one this year?

Fruity candy OR chocolate?

Hmmm… neither! Candy Corn rocks!

Homemade costume OR store bought?

Store bought. Sadly, I’ve never been very good at crafts. I still cannot color in the lines 🙂

Throw a Halloween party OR attend one?

I’d rather throw one BUT there is always so much going on that night so I end up going to one. This year I have a wedding over Halloween so I’ll be going to none!

Scary movies in the theatre OR at home?

Neither… But if I had to, probably at home with popcorn and jalapeño peppers.

Haunted house OR hayride?

Haunted House. I tried to go to Halloween Horror Nights this year with friends but we got lazy. I used to go all of the time in Orlando, FL.