Get To Know The Guys Of Half Priced Hearts

I always get told by friends to check out bands and some how I always forget the names. We’ll my friends kept reminding me and I of course final Youtube this group and fell in love. Especially with their ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ cover which placed 2nd in the Perez Hilton, Can You Sing Contest!

Let’s get to know the guys of Half Priced Hearts a little better shall we?

Gabbie Brown: Give BUZZNET two sentences that describe who Half Priced Hearts is.

Half Priced Hearts: Paying homage to pop-rockers of the 80s and 90s, Half Priced Hearts reminds you of the days when pop-rock was pop radio and everyone was singing along. The Nashville based band was born out of a love of unpretentious pop music and infuses heart with unforgettable melodies and a high-energy live show.

GB:You have an EP out on iTunes called, Make Me Believe. What is one song off the EP that everyone should check out?

HPH: Yes we do! Make Me Believe is an EP we just released this spring and we’re super excited about it! Everyone should listen to “Til The Sun Comes Up” and if ya like it, keep listening, it might surprise you!

GB: What are you guys working on right now as a band? New music, Touring plans..?

HPH: We are constantly writing. We’re all songwriters so that’s a big part of our lives. We’re recording some new music and planning to do a new music video in the coming months! We just got off a month long summer tour but we’re heading out for weekend trips throughout the fall!

GB: What does being young musicians mean to you guys?

HPH: Being a young musician is about following a dream. It’s about making music we love that makes people smile and waking up every day trying to find a way to keep doing this forever. We love the people we’ve met along the way and want to keep creating as long as people want to listen.

GB: Dream tour would include?

HPH: Katy Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok.. Ok.. More specifically, Katy Perry WORLD TOUR!!! Nuf sed.

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