Katelyn Annyce’s Favorite Contestant’s on The X-Factor Season 2

The X-Factor is one of my new must-watch TV shows of the season. I have always loved watching talent competitions, but this is one of the best and most entertaining talent competions I’ve ever watched. I absolutley love the show and each episode leaves me wanting more. The amount of talent on this season is crazy! There is a wide variety of talented contestants on the show who each perform different genres of music to pop, hip-hop, country, R&B, rap, and alternative. With the live shows about to start, each judge will have their own team, which will consist of four singers in four different groups. The judges will be the singer’s or group’s mentors, trying to get their artists to the end of the competition. The first team is the 25-year-olds and over, whose mentor is producer L.A Reed. His team consists of solo artists David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens, and Vino Alan. The second group is the teens, whose mentor is pop star, Britney Spears. Her team consists of solo artists Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Diamond White. The third group is the young adults whose mentor is singer, Demi Lavato. Her group consists of solo artists CeCe Frey, Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas, and Willie Jones. The last group’s mentor is producer, Simon Cowell, whose group consists of Emblem3, LYLAS, LYRIC 145, and Sister C. There are so many talented artists in the competiton, but I have one favorite solo artist and group on all four teams.

Team L.A. Reid

With L.A. Reid mentoring the 25-year-olds and over, his team consists of very experienced solo artists. My favorite solo artist on team L.A. Reid is David Correy.

Twenty-six-year old David Correy tried out for the X-Factor in Greensboro, NC, hoping that if he shared his voice with the world he would be able to meet his birth mother who put him up for adoption when she was only fourteen years old. David has a very soulful, powerful, singing voice that all of the judges loved from his first audition. David also seems to be a very nice, layed back, overall likeable person.

Team Britney Spears

Britney is mentoring the teens, which I think consists of the most talented solo artists out of all of the groups. The teens might be very young, but they all are extremely talented, so it must have been especially hard for Britany to choose the four solo artists she’s taking to the live shows. I think all of the solo artists on team Britney are great, but my favorite solo artist out of the four is Beatrice Miller.

Beatrice Miller has a very powerful and unique voice for a thirteen-year-old. You can tell that Beatrice puts a lot of hard work and dedication into her performances. Beatrice also has a very honest personality that I like. I am definetly rooting for Beatrice to make it to the end.

Team Demi Lovato

Demi is mentoring the young adults, which consists of solo artists with very different styles and personalities. I think all of the solo artists on team Demi are very likable, but my favorite solo artist on team Demi would have to be Jennel Garcia.

Eighteen year old Jennel Garcia wowed the judges from the start in her first auditon. Jennel has an amazing voice and an exilerating stage presence you can’t ignore. She also has a very punk rock style that I love. Jennel has a very likeable quality that I think will get her very far in the competion.

Team Simon Cowel

Simon Cowel is mentoring the groups. The groups catagorie is my favorite because I have always loved it on the X-Factor. Three of the four groups were put together by the X-Factor when they didn’t want to send the eliminated solo artists home, and so they put them in a group. The groups are extremly talented and work great together, but my favorite group is LYLAS.

LYLAS is a girl group consisting of Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton, and Camila Cabello. These five girls originally auditioned as solo artists, but when they were eliminated during boot camp, the judges thought they were too talented to go home, so they put the five in a girl group called LYLAS. When LYLAS performed for the first time at Simon’s house, they blew Simon and Marc Anthony away with their amazing vocals and harmony. I’ve always loved girl groups and I’m happy there is one in the X- Factor. I will definitely be cheering for LYLAS in the competiton and I think they will go far as a group.

I’m super excited to see what is going to happen this season and to see who will walk away with the 5 millin dollars.

Who are you rooting for in the competiton?