Introducing….. Early Ghost – ‘Cadaques’ Album Equation

One up-and-coming six piece plus ten new songs equals an unmissable debut. The sum may seem simple at first, but what makes Early Ghost‘s newly released ‘Cadaques‘ different?

Having already gigged alongside artists such as Beirut, First Aid Kit and Sea of Bees and played live for Team USA at the London 2012 Olympic village, this hot new folk act are set to enter your lives with their first full-length release.

After selling out their local album launch show, Early Ghost share their music to the world. Their new album ‘Cadaques‘ is available to download now via Bandcamp.

So, what does it sound like?Let me do the math.

Your secret safe place


The beauty of the night sky …. indoors.


Time to reflect with nature


The vibe of Spaghetti Westerns (Composer Ennio Morricone is cited as an influence)


A sprinkling of musical magic dust (what Tumblr glitter bombs would sound like)


Early Ghost – ‘Cadaques’

Available now via Bandcamp.

What do you think of Early Ghost?