Does Gwen Stefani Have More Babies On The Way?

There’s no denying that Gwen Stefani has a gorgeous picture-perfect family with rocker husband Gavin Rossdale and their two sons, 6-year-old Kingston and 4-year-old Zuma. The 43-year-old juggles taking care of her family along with making music with No Doubt, which includes gearing up for some tour dates next month in L.A. Gwen seems to be doing a great job as the lady of the house, but is the proud mama ready for more babies?

The gorgeous songstress told HELLO! magazine, ”Do I want more children? Not really, no. Two kids are enough. I’m done with having children. I’m tearing myself up every day as it is.”

Touche! Gwen, who has been married to Gavin for 10 years now, also admits that their relationship has gone through some rough patches, but she insists that she and Gav are “very happy” with each other.

”We have found a way to handle it. Of course things are sometimes running better and sometimes not so great. But we’re always very happy that we’ve been together this long. We stick together and on the main things we agree. We both wanted a family, for example. Gavin is a fantastic father. I could never record a song with him, but the guys are our great common passion.”

Good to know!

Do you think Gwen should have more kids or is two a lot? How many kids is too much?