Flashback Friday: 5 Memorable Halloween TV Episodes

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s getting in the spirit of the holiday: from picking out costumes to decorating pumpkins to prepping for the evening’s parties. The entertainment world also gets into the spirit of things by airing some pretty awesome Halloween TV episodes. From Vampire Diaries to My So-Called Life, here are 5 memorable Halloween TV episodes:

Family Matters

The feel-good sitcom had its own fun in not one but two Halloween episodes entitled “Stevil and Stevil II.” The eps centered around Stevil, an evil a ventriloquist dummy who haunts Urkel, and in the sequel is accompanied by a Carl Winslow-dummy named Carlsbad.

Home Improvement

The 90s show Home Improvement was big on Halloween, doing a Halloween episode every season! Some of the episode titles included “The Haunting of Taylor House,” “Crazy For You,” “Borland Ambition,” “Let Them Eat Cake,” “I Was a Teenage Taylor,” “A Night to Dismember,” and “Bewitched.”

My So-Called Life

In the Halloween episode of My So-Called Life, Angela (Claire Danes) breaks into her school to search for the ghost of a student named Nicky Driscoll, a greaser student who died in the 1960s, because she’s worried that’s the road Jordan (Jared Leto) is headed toward. Meanwhile, Rayanne and Brian get locked in the basement together (nothing happens) and Angela’s parents get frisky (something happens), thanks to some very exciting costumes.

That 70s Show

The gang (Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, Topher Grace, Wilmer Valderrama and Danny Masterson) breaks into their burned down school and find their permanent records – and secrets come out! Meanwhile, Kitty and Red reminisce about a memorable Halloween, where they have their first pregnancy announcement.

Vampire Diaries

What better show to have a Halloween ep than a show about VAMPIRES?! The Vampire Diaries doesn’t disappoint, with two H-ween eps in their first and second years.

Which Halloween TV episode is your favorite?