‘Figure It Out’ On Its All-New Second Season With Your Favorite Nick Stars!

Not long ago we brought you interviews from our set visit to Nick show Figure It Out. A reboot of the original 90s Nickelodeon kids game show, the show has kids with special skills or unique achievements as contestants and a panel of four Nick stars tries to guess what their achievement/skill was… and then there’s slime! Hosted by Jeff Sutphen, the second season of the show premieres tonight only on Nickelodeon. Celebs to grace this season on the show include Cody Simpson, Tony Hawk, Rachel Crow, Metta World, Candace Parke, Noah Munck, Ariana Grande and more!

Figure It Out premieres on Monday, October 15th on Nickelodeon at 7pm ET/PT.

Which Nick star would you want to see as one of the panel members guessing?