Fearne Cotton’s Coats & Jackets at Very.co.uk!

As i’m sure you are all aware, Miss Fearne Cotton is primarily a television and radio presenter and team captain on celebrity juice, but you’ve all seen her on the very adverts, right?

On the 8th of August this year, Cotton anounced that she was pregnant with her first child! At age 31 it’s no suprise that her and her boyfriend, Jesse Wood, were bringing a little cherrub in to the world, I mean, the girls done everything there is!

Cotton now has her very own collection on, very! There are so many brilliant items on there, I could easily spend my entire wage on there and not regret it!(Okay maybe I would regret it when I realised that I had no money to pay the rent!)

I’ve always loved her own style so the fact that she’s doing her own line is amazing! I’ll probably end up doing a Fearne Cotton outfit post at some point so keep your eyes peeled!

As winter is looming in, I decided to show you her jacket collection! These three jacket’s are all completly different styles, shapes and designs but I love them all equally!

DOG TOOTH SHORT JACKET £79.00 buy it here.
TEXTURED FAUX FUR COAT £89.00 buy it here.
FAUX FUR COLLAR TRENCH COAT £99.00 buy it here.

If I absolutly had to pick one, I think it would have to be the textured faux fur coat! Which is your favorite?