Are Fall Out Boy Working On New Material? – Fact Vs. Fiction

Another day, another rumor“. Those were the words of Fall Out Boy singer, Patrick Stump, in August when Blessthefall frontman, Beau Bokan, tweeted “Sources have confirmed Fall Out Boy are writing a new album. You heard it here first. *screams inside*”.

Today a similar tweet sent by Buzznet blogger and The Insider reporter Keltie Colleen has set the rumor mill turning once again. But what and who should we believe when reading about Fall Out Boy?

Every dot com’s refreshing for a journal update

Several hours ago, a tweet from Keltie read “Today I am basking in the glow of knowledge that FOB are working on new songs. #fangirl” leaving us all asking “Where is this knowledge from, and what exactly is it?”

Before this tweet, there was no new FOB ‘knowledge’ circulating the public webosphere – or even the underground Tumblr fangirl movement – so what’s new?

Nothing. Apart from that tweet.

However the lack of facts didn’t stop sites such as Property Of Zack, Under The Gun Review and Alter The Press! reporting the news.

Although we have no evidence to say this is true, we also have no reason to believe it’s fiction. Why would a respected blogger and interviewer with 37,000 Twitter followers (including Patrick Stump!) tweet a lie? They wouldn’t.

This isn’t a lie, it might be the leaked truth, but perhaps it’s a misunderstanding.

Make us poster boys for your scene

Either a coincidence or part of the conspiracy, Fall Out Boy’s name also appeared on the front cover of Kerrang! magazine today.

According to the magazine’s online preview, the issue explores “Fall Out Boy are missing, presumed dead. Mark Sutherland decided to get on the case and solve the mystery of what happened to the band.”

But why now? Why have Fall Out Boy posters begun appearing in print again?

Why are magazines focusing on a band on who is on hiatus? The only explanation is they know they’re making a comeback. Or maybe, magazines are running features to finally put those exact rumors to rest.

But doesn’t everyone know what FOB are doing nowadays anyway? “Fall Out Boy never broke up. We’re just not touring right now” etc.

Maybe not.

I want to be known for my hits not just my misses

While plenty of fictional non-stories about Fall Out Boy hit the headlines, there’s an absence of any real news. That’s not because there isn’t any, it’s because it’s not reported on, or simply not read.

The Tumblr ‘fangirls’ squealing at these alleged recording sessions seem to have forgotten (or failed to acknowledge) factual news from earlier this week – drummer Andy Hurley is now a member of Factual Minds.

Does it not seem slightly odd to join a new band and regroup with your previous one during the same week? No?

What came first, the music or the misery?

Fall Out Boy’s return to the studio might be a fact. It might also be fiction.

Until the day comes when an official spokesperson releases a statement saying “FALL OUT BOY ARE RECORDING A NEW ALBUM – FACT,” we will never know when/if the hiatus will end. When that day arrives, this becomes irrelevant and the internet was right – for once. Maybe.

Rumor rant over.

Believers never die.


Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz and Joe Trohman have all since denied the rumors via their personal Twitter accounts. Andy Hurley is yet to comment.

However Keltie Colleen, and others, still believe that the ‘rumors’ are the truth.

What do you believe?