Fall Edition: Tape This To Your Fridge

The winds are changing. Some are blowing in the east, some feel stagnent in the west. I can almost hear Counting Crows crooning “A Long Decemeber” to me already. Fall really is the season for change. I know for me so many huge changes have come this month.

The TV show I work for got bought, leaving me wondering where I will work come the new year. I found out after years of horrible symptoms, that most of my depression, rot and low energy were caused by some pretty bad food allergies and within an hour had to completely revamp my eating habits. I’ve finally settled into the fact that Los Angeles, could very well be my forever home with my forever love. We are looking at buying a house, weird to think I won’t go back to NYC. I’ve connected again with some old friends and I’ve let go of some others, which warms and breaks my heart all at the same time. I guess we all change and we somehow expect everyone else to stay the same. I’ve come to terms with that in my brightest moments. I’ve learned to live for myself a little more and I’ve learned truly, what living is for. I think I spent a great deal of my 20’s living for other people, to be what they wanted, to prove them right or wrong and now I’m living very simply. I’m just living for me, my dog, my family and my love. It feels selfish, but it also feels so nice to know that nothing can rock my core anymore. I’m stronger than ever!

Maybe it’s the full moon, maybe it’s the winds of change, but something new is in the air.

xx. Enjoy the images my loves.