Facts About Virgos

Facts About Virgos

*Hurt virgo and they will forget you like they never knew you to begin with. @TheDailyVirgo

*If a virgo has lost interest in you, there is nothing you can do about it. @VirgoNation

*A virgo’s silence is always judged as being stuck up or arrogance. @VirgoNation

*Virgo is kind and cool, but if irritated with rudeness or stupidity then they will show you they are annoyed. @XSTROLOGY

*The virgo woman will try her best to be perfect, look perfect and feel perfect even though there is no such perfection. @BestofVirgo

*If a virgo gains your trust, they will be loyal to you and always there for you. @iSexstrology

*A virgo wants love that comes with quality, not quantity. Due to this, a virgo has only a few lovers throughout their life. ‏@XSTROLOGY

* A virgo still loves with some type of guard up. It takes time for for them let their guard down completely.@VirgoNation

*As a virgo even if you do find someone you consider worthy of your heart and that’s rare you still have your critical nature to overcome.@ZodiacFacts

* A ‏virgo is very picky and after breaking up, they will be double careful when choosing a new partner next time @XSTROLOGY

*Once a virgo has made up their mind, there’s probably nothing you can do to change it. @VirgoNation

* ‏Ignoring virgo will get you nowhere but erased and replaced. @VirgoRises

*If a virgo pulls away, they either have discovered stronger feelings than they want to have or they have no feelings for you at all. @VirgoRises

*Do not try to charm or manipulate a virgo. They can smell bullshit a mile away and will shut you down quickly. @VirgoTerms

*After falling in love with a virgo, you may find yourself saying “I had no idea I could fall in love with someone so interesting.” @XSTROLOGY

*Everyone sees virgos as strong, this is because they put everyone’s feelings & emotions before their own. @VirgoTerms

*You haven’t been loved until you’ve been loved by a virgo. @VirgoTerms

* ‏A virgo has a lot of knowledge about food and is conscious about nutrition. This is why they home cook. @BestofVirgo

*Dating a virgo can be relatively easy. virgos love their space, so don’t expect the clingy type. @VirgosUnited

*Virgo’s are shy but if you get them on a topic they are interested in be prepared for a long conversation! @XSTROLOGY

*When a virgo loves you, it’s always sincere and honest. They give love with all they have. It’s Never half way. @VirgoSign_

*Small things that mean a lot to #Virgo : Cute texts, tight hugs, long replies, holding hands, remembering the little things. @VirgoRises

*A virgo is an easy going person who is able to communicate with anybody. @VirgoNation

*A virgo would rather be alone than to settle for someone who doesn’t fit their type. @VirgoNation

*The last thing any virgo would want to do is to back out of keeping a promise, or not hold up their end of a bargain. @ZodiacFacts


The worst thing you can ever do to a #Virgo is betray them. @VirgoTerms

*As a virgo you can always be counted on to give a well thought out opinion. @VirgoSign_

* ‏The virgo personality is a complex mix of intelligence, common sense, attention to detail, and commitment. @VirgoSign_

*A virgo friend will always be there for you when you need them the most. @VirgoSign_

*For virgo, you have to give respect in order to get respect @VirgoTerms

*@XSTROLOGY Virgo when stressed have sleeping problems, poor appetite and bad posture. Thing is this happens a lot. Way too much.

*@VirgoThatsMe If a virgo is mad at you, they will ignore you for some time.

“@XSTROLOGY: Virgo lovers are always 100% honest with their heart.”

*@VirgoRises: #Virgo realize very late that most of their friends were not actually very good friends.”

*”@XSTROLOGY: #Virgo’s have the common sense others lack.”

*“@XSTROLOGY: #Virgo lovers are attracted to you because of your mind.”

*“@VirgoNation: A #virgo will not stay where they are not needed.” Or wanted.

A will update this (will be adding) more facts about virgos regularily.

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