Celeb Style: Dip Dye Hair Trend

Dip dye, ombre, gradient, however you call this trend, it’s safe to say that this two-coloured hair trend is THE, if not the biggest, hair trend of the year. Whether you’re just lazy and don’t want to keep dying your roots or looking for a creative outlet and wanting pink tips, you’re in the right time frame.

For those who want to cop the look, it’s BEST to go to a hairdresser as they can help you with the gradient fade (from your natural roots to the dyed tips). But for those scared of chemicals, you can go through the fake route by getting hair extensions, though I don’t think the outcome would be that effective.

Either way, you’ll be paying homage to this dip dye trend. Scroll through the gallery to see who else famously embraced the trend!


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