Deadmau5 Is ‘Super Stoked’ To Be With Kat Von D!

Kat Von D has gone through her share of heartbreak and boyfriends who just weren’t good for her (read: cheating ex, Jesse James). But it looks like Kat’s luck is looking up! The 30-year-old celebrity tattoo artist currently has a boyfriend who seems to really like her – to say the least. Kat’s guy, electronic musician Deadmau5, is over the moon for her, gushing about their relationship on outlets like Twitter and now to Spin!

He says of his lady friend:

“I’m super f****** stoked to be with Kat. It was such a breath of fresh air to find someone who’s creative, who’s got ambition. There’s a great amount of deceit that comes to someone with stature and wealth, according to Forbes, and yeah, you could walk into a nightclub and find some blonde who’s like, “Check out that $11 million d***,” but I’m f****** over it. I’d much rather be happy with someone who’s on par.”

Touche Deadmau5!

What’s the sweetest thing a significant other has ever said to you?