How Crying Benefits Your Attitude and Health

Most people hate the feeling they get when they cry, but I feel the exact opposite. I love crying! The reason I love crying is because it’s a nautural stress reliever that has an amazing after affect. It makes you feel much more relaxed and leaves you with lower stress levels. If I ever feel stressed or upset I usually have a short, needed cry that leaves me feeling ten times more relaxed and stress free. The way I think about it is that crying is like a natural therapy or massage that costs nothing! Studies have shown that crying makes you feel less angry and stressed because crying removes toxins from our body that build up stress. Studies have also shown that eighty-five percent of women and seventy-three percent of men felt much less angry and sad after crying. One thing that will make you feel much happier is if your manganese levels are lower. Over-exposure to manganise can cause you to have bad feelings such as nervousness, irritibility, anexiety, fatigue, emotional disturbance and aggression. Over all, crying has a great after affect that makes you feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Having a good cry will also affect your health in a positive way. According to William H. Frey II, “Crying is not only a human respose to sorrow and frustration, it’s a healthy one. Crying is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that, left unchecked, has negative physical affects on the body, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.” Fry also stated that since unalleviated stress can increase our risk for heart attack and damage certian areas of our brain. The human ability to cry has survival value. Crying also has a positive affect on your eyes by draining irritants that have a negative affect on your eyes.

I think most people automatically don’t like crying because people focus on the sad or stressful situtaion that made them cry instead of thinking about the positive affects tears have on their bodies. Tears are just another miracle that we take for granted every day. The next time you feel your eyes watering up, go ahead, have a good cry, because the after affect will make you feel so much better.