Collide With The Sky Tour: ‘We’ll Burn It Down Till The End’

Last night went to check out the opening night of Pierce The Veil‘s Collide With The Sky Tour and it was invigorating. To be honest PTV had not been on my musical radar before Warped Tour but since then I have fallen hard for their new record. Collide With The Sky has been in my car ever since Fearless Records sent me a copy; I just couldn’t take it out of my CD player.

Before I get into PTV, let’s talk about the opening bands.

I arrived to The Glasshose in Pomona, CA just as Tonight Alive took the stage. This is a band I have seen live several times, including their first show EVER in the US a few years ago. To say they have evolved is a sever understatement. Front woman Jenna McDougall has blossomed as a vocalist and as a performer. Her stage presences and ability to command the crowd of kids blew me away. I am so excited they are on this tour and will be exposed to so many new fans.

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Next was Sleeping With Sirens. I also saw them Thursday night at The Roxy for their “scrimmage” show – and in comparison they were much better last night. They seemed to have more energy and vocalist Kellin Quinn was not out of breath as much as he had been the night before. Just goes to show, practice makes perfect! They did perform a new version or “Roger Rabbit” that I felt could have used some work but it’s always refreshing to see bands continue to evolve their sound. Overall the crowd loved them and Kellin definitely got the crowd hyped for PTV’s set.

And finally it was time for Pierce The Veil.

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Being the headlining band, PTV had the option to have cool staging and lighting to help change the atmosphere of the room. I don’t want to share too much for anyone going to the tour, but I will say there were some nice touches that added to the performance.

The band opened the set the same way the album opens. Vic Fuentes began from off stage singing the opening introduction to the album creating an eerie feel in the room. Again– the little things that help to set the mood. Then the full band came on stage for “Hell Above” and things got crazy inside the venue. Watching Vic’s fingers move like crawling bugs up and down the neck of his guitar during that song blew my mind. He was so confident and commanded the attention of everyone in the room. All four of them had prominent stage presence and they all moved in sync with each other around the stage as if it had been choreographed.

They also incorporated some of the opening bands into the set; inviting Tonight Alive’s vocalist Jenna on stage during “Hold On Till May” — and closing the show with the mega hit, “King For A Day” featuring Sleeping With Sirens’ vocalist Kellin. The crowd was practically begging to hear “King For A Day “by the end of the night.

Overall, I left the venue feeling alive and that is all I can ask for when I see a band live. For it to spark something inside of me that reminds me how lucky I am to have music in my life. #musicrules.

Well done PTV, well done.

I recommend catching this tour when it comes to town and check out their new album, Collide With The Sky.

Here is the full set PTV setlist.

May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Hell Above A Match Into Water Disasterology Bulletproof Love Bulls in the Bronx Besitos Hold on Till May (featuring Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive) Yeah Boy and Doll Face (acoustic) Southern Constellations The Boy Who Could Fly Caraphernelia

Encore: King for a Day (featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens)

Are you going to the Collide With The Sky Tour?

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