BUZZNET Exclusive: Why Upon This Dawning Love America

Right now, Upon This Dawning are on their first US tour with For All Those Sleeping, before heading out with Motionless In White in November. Since they’ve been in the USA, the boys from Verona, Italy have been experiencing a lot of things for the first time and have really taken in all the the American culture has to offer.

Check out Gianluca Molinari, Matteo Botticini, Luca Orio, Carlo Todeschini, Andrea Moserle and Matteo Leone’s top 5 things they love about being in America. This list is great!

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1. First up, Subway! A place all bands love to stop when on tour.

“We love this place!! The food is very good and it’s cheap to! Perfect place to eat when you’re on tour.”

2. The lovely California coast and beaches. This explanation is really cute!

“It was very emotional when we went there. We come from Italy and we’ve always watched movies about Califonia. Being there was literally like to be in a real movie.”

3. The desert. Now why would anyone love the desert? Take a look.

“Traveling from Huntington Beach to Chicago we made a quick stop in the desert in Arizona. It’s crazy how silent that place is and the feeling of freedom that you have when you are there.”

4. Cali life! OOOOH yeah, what’s not to love?

“We spent 3 weeks in California and it was so good! The weather is perfect, and we met a lot of new cool friends. It’s definitely the place where we wanna live.”

5. And Hooters. The staple of American hot wings, right? LOL!

“Junk food, hot girls!”

Are you surprised by any of Upon This Dawning’s favorite American things?

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