BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: VersaEmerge Premiere ‘Burn’ Viral VIdeo & Interview

Buzznet is thrilled to host the premiere of VersaEmerge‘s new viral video for the insanely catchy track “Burn”. VersaEmerge, Sierra Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage have been hard at work on a new album and revealed this heart racing song a few weeks ago. “Burn” has been burned in our brains ever since — no pun intended. Now we have this killer video to add some style to the song. RAD!

We also have an exclusive Q&A with the band about the new song, video and their new album Another Atmosphere, that we can’t wait for! Take a look and be sure to comment and let us know what YOU think of it all!

Burn is incredibly catchy and anthemic; did you guys have it stuck in your head for days like we did?

Yea a little bit! The repetitiveness likes to seep deep so you can’t get it out of your head easily.

What inspired the lyrics to “Burn”?

I always wanted to use the word stubborn, because I’ve been called that word quite a lot, but i loved that it also says “burn”. Usually if someone is so stubborn and never does things the way you want them too, it might burn a little.

This song is definitely for the ones who can’t seem to stay in one place for too long, can’t settle down with anyone, and feel the need to run.

How did the idea for the viral video come about? These effects are so cool! Thanks! We ideally want to make a video for every song because we love writing treatments and coming up with ideas for visuals with our friend Raul Gonzo, who has been working with us on all our new pictures and videos. We thought it would be interesting to do a series of videos with extremely slow motion, just to have on YouTube. So if you want to listen to the song, there is something interesting happening at the same time, but it’s not completely captivating, it’s just a tasteful balance.

How has this new records recording process be different from your pervious records?

This one has definitely taken a lot more time. We are really discovering ourselves in this whole process. Our heads are in a completely different space from when we started writing this album. We go about things so differently, and we have learned a tremendous amount about the music we want to make and who we are and what we believe in creatively. We needed this kind of time to grow and solidify the Versa we are today.

What about his new record most excites you as an artist?

Actually being an “artist”. We used to put ourselves in a box when we were younger. This album has so much freedom. The kind of songs we love to listen to because it’s so satisfying to create exactly what you wanted. We’ve reeled through our heads inside out and discussed what we wanted to make. Having the ideas and feeling so strongly about them can be very overwhelming, you don’t know where to start or who’s going to try and change it or if you’re going to get the point across, but we’ve gotten lucky being able to take our time to figure all that out.

Sound like this album will be amazing! Keep an eye our for more viral videos coming from VersaEmerge soon.

What did you think of the viral video for “Burn”?