BUZZNET Exclusive: Jake T. Austin Spills On His New Show With Jennifer Lopez!

It’s been a year since Jake T. Austin‘s Disney show The Wizards of Waverly Place wrapped. Since then, the Wizards star hasn’t returned to the small screen, until now! The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Jake has joined the cast of the new ABC Family series, The Fosters. Produced by Jennifer Lopez, the show revolves around a mixed-race lesbian couple named Stef and Lena Foster, their biological son Brandon, and their several adopted children. Their world gets shaken up when Lena decides to take in Callie, a troubled teen with a history of abuse, whose ways threaten to turn the Foster family upside down.

Jake is set to play Jesus Foster, a fraternal twin to sister Mariana, and is a charming, sensible kid. He tells Buzznet exclusively:”It’s exciting to be a part of something so unique, I can’t wait to start production!”

Will you be checking Jake out on the new series?