BUZZNET Exclusive: Brian Logan Dales Shares His Favorite Candy!

It just keeps getting closer to that time of year where we all take candy from strangers and stuff our faces while we wear the craziest costumes. Here are some more fun questions I answer about Halloween!

If you could throw the coolest Halloween party with no limits, what would you do?!

This would require a castle that I could turn into a giant haunted house, the Project X of haunted houses.

What is the scariest memory you have from Halloween?

(a costume, a haunted house etc). I used to go to this place in Cave Creek, Arizona every year called Rawhide when I was younger. It was this cowboy western theme park. They always have the most terrifying haunted houses and shows and rides. It was my favorite thing as a kid.

Do you have a favorite candy to give out to Trick Or Treaters?


If you had the opportunity to play the role of any scary character in a movie, who would you want to be?

I don’t have a specific character, but I would love to be the villain/killer in a movie. That would be so out of character and fun for me, or be on American Horror Story.

Do you have a favorite Halloween tradition?

I’m obsessed with all things pumpkin and pumpkin flavored. Starbucks rules this time of year, I also like watching Halloweentown.