BUZZNET Exclusive: Action Item And Honor Society Open Up About Life On The Road!

If you’re as big a fan of Action Item and Honor Society as we are over here at Buzznet, you already have your ticket to their co-headlining mini-tour that kicks off November 1st in Orangevale, CA! The guys will be hitting up 4 cities taking them from southern California into Arizona! Buzznet was lucky enough to chat with Brian Cag of Action Item and Mike Bruno of Honor Society to find out what life is like on the road, their favorite go-to snacks, pre-show rituals and secrets we didn’t know until now! Check out our Q&A and if you live close to where the guys will be playing, get your ticket now!

Are there any daily routines you have to do, even while on tour?

Brian: Daily man hygiene is always important. Also, a guy’s gotta have his cup of coffee.

Is there anything you do before a show every single time…superstitious?

Brian: I jump around like a lunatic to get really loose. One of my favorite singer’s, Danny from The Script, once said that you should be ready to give it your all starting from the first song. Sometime’s if you don’t get warmed up before you don’t feel as into it by the 3/4th song.

What are three things you have to pack/can’t live without while on tour?

Mike: When I’m on the road I need my phone charger, my rag&bone duffle bag, and an open mind.

What is your go to snack while touring?

Mike: Eating healthy on the road is so tough, but I try to keep bananas as my go to snack, its healthy and doesn’t effect my voice for singing.

What music are you guys currently listening to while on tour?

Brian: The new Muse record, the new Rick Ross mixtape (The Black Bar Mitzvah) and a lot of Bruce Springsteen.

Any crazy fan moments on past tours?

Mike: I’ll just leave it at there are too many to list haha.

What has been your favorite venue you have performed at so far on tour?

Mike: One of my favorite venues is The Rave in Milwaukee. It’s got a such a cool vibe and everyone thinks it’s haunted. Including me.

How do you spend the first 24 hours home from tour?

Mike: SLEEP, laundry, SLEEP, repeat

Brian, Can you tell us any secrets about he guys of Honor Society? Come on, I know you can!

Brian: They can do a great Randy Newman impression.

Catch Action Item and Honor Society at one of these four dates!

11/1 – Orangevale, CA11/2 – Anaheim, CA11/3 – San Diego, CA11/4 – Mesa, AZ