I’m so sad that I must to write about it but really I’m so angry for it what happening.

When parents giving the kids to the school, thinking that this is so safe place where teachers will protecting and helping always. School should to be like a second home. But often this is just dream.

I remember when I went to the school first time. It was so incredible day for me. I felt so happy because I had to chance to have friends and spend nice time. The first years wasn’t too hard but the next it was just nightmare.

In secondary school people showed me that I’m nobody and trash. By some stuffs which happened, I don’t have a normal friends in my country, you know I think about meeting, parties etc I don’t know this life. I’m just like a little girl with the pink teddy bear.

I was bullied a few years and it changed my point of the view so much. I wanted to be strong and didn’t show family and teachers about my problems. I was like a person with “two faces”. One, which is my true was just for me. And the second(false) for everyone. I cried inside but outside I smiled. By people I had a moments when I went to self-harm and some thoughts but I fought about every day of my life. Sometimes people attacking me on the Internet but I don’t want to give up.

Life is so crazy for me and all time I searching hope for the better tomorrow. My life mission is helping kids. Today, I just searched some tags on Polish Twitter. It was suicide, anorexia, self-harm because I want to help if someone needs advice. I was just in shock how many teens thinking about suicide. Where goes this world??

I think that everyone remember about Amanda’s story. This is so unfair that she died. But I don’t understand people. They attacking her all time. I don’t know how they can call themselves “human”. When posting on Facebook her naked photos to joke with text “R.I.P. Amanda…”. When I saw it, I reported it and next Facebook removed it. When I see people which called her “a s*** ” etc, writing that have more respect for Hitler etc I regret that I’m part of this world. People are too cruel.

I’m so sad that I didn’t see her video earlier. For sure I would to send private message to Amanda and try to help her. I’m in shock that video was a month on YouTube and no one didn’t help her. For me she is so inspiring person. She fought all time and showed people that bully is something what can to met everyone.

Now I working on my first video in Polish for YouTube. I have my English video about bully, but I’ll remove it. I want to do something for kids in Poland. Hope that I’ll can to help someone by it.

Send to everyone many love and light,


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