Brian Logan Dales Tour Diaries: The Summer Set & All Time Low


Welcome to my inaugural tour diary! I’m currently sitting on our bus watching Tron in Detroit, Michigan and celebrating our first proper day off in a LONG time. We spent the last few weeks in the UK, and flew overnight to Cleveland in order to join our first US tour in forever, supporting our good friends All Time Low. We couldn’t be more excited to be back, and our first 3 shows in Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit we’re phenomenal. I grew up in Detroit, so my dad and brother flew in to see the show and we got to spend the day off with some of our family. I also got to see my dog! All of this was much needed. Jet-lag made me feel like we were playing shows upside down.

I’ll be posting a blog once a week and documenting all of the debauchery along the way. Stay tuned. Til next time,

Brian Logan Dales