Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #14

Such really good news, or for now I should say only rumor, but I’m sure it turns in an official news soon.

After the sad news Bill and Tom left Germany again for coming back in LA, it seems they will come back in Germany next month, on November, for another part of DSDS selection called “Recall”, I think it’s something like “Bootcamp” for X Factor.

Really can’t wait!

I will try to explain this board:

The live show will start airing in January 2013. That’s when we will see the casting parts. (recorded)

The one’s that went through the castings get into the recall. (recorded)

Then the recall will be followed by the Top30(I guess.. I’m not sure). They usually go to some isle somewhere with 30 candidates (this year they went to the maldives). Then they reduce the number of candidates to 15. (recorded)

THEN the live shows actually start (probably end of February/start of march) where they reduce the number again to 10 candidates (this only takes 1 show).

So, that’s when we got our 10 candidates for the “highlight” of the show – the motto shows (which will be live and probably middle of March 2013). The candidates get a subject like “disco hits” or “80’s” and stuff like that and they have to sing songs fitting those subjects. And after 10 shows we got our final winner.