Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #11

Twins come back on set today as Bill wrote on the BTK App

and reported this article this morning: “Bill & Tom Kaulitz, new Jurors in DSDS – what’s going to happen with “Tokio Hotel”?”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are back in Germany and in public – because of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. The first week of DSDS jury is for both boys quite exhausting and exciting, but what will happen with the band “Tokio Hotel”? Bill and Tom Kaulitz told us.

For two years “Tokio Hotel”-twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz were in silence. In 2010, at the height of their success, the band suddenly withdrew. Boys from Magdeburg, they just were full of everything. “For five years we have been touring nx,” says Tom Kaulitz, “suddenly there was a point when we wanted to have a break. Finally, we wanted to have a ‘feeling that we are at home.’ A home and rest, especially after the tour-stress, have found the “Tokio Hotel” twins in Los Angeles. Even if it was the right decision for the boys, many of the two-year break from “Tokio Hotel” are considered critical. “They thought: ‘They’re only 23 years old, as they can simply withdraw two years?’ But we have started 15 years ago,” says the new DSDS judge Bill Kaulitz.

But the band has a price break. Repeatedly on Google are rumors, the band “Tokio Hotel” has break up. Mainly because Bill and Tom are now sitting on the jury of DSDS 2013, many are wondering what happened to the other bandmates. “Although we are only a couple in the jury but Georg and Gustav are still in the process,” said Tom, “they are still living in Germany, but often come to LA or we to Germany.”

Despite jurors job at DSDS 2013 – the rumors about “Tokio Hotel” separation are still there. Despite jurors job at DSDS 2013, “Tokio Hotel” is still there. In the U.S., Bill and Tom Kaulitz are working hard on their next album. “We were in the last time and a lot in the studio and there are great results,” says Bill Kaulitz. For the tenth season of DSDS, the two paused working on their album and return to Germany. In the job as judges in DSDS 2013, the twins still want to get it as right. “It’s been really stressful and we see a lot of people. But it’s also totally fun.”

The countdown is on: If you want to be in DSDS 2013, you can even up to 2nd October 2012 without notification go to DSDS Audition-truck coming. On 1st October the truck is in Aachen on “Willy-Brandt-Platz” and on 2nd October in Kassel “Friedrichsplatz”. Good luck, and you can show your singing talent in front of Dieter Bohlen, Bill and Tom Kaulitz, and Mateo.


An old article just found in the web of a German newspaper:

Volksstimme [Germany] – “What are TH doing?” [12.09.2012]

Things have gone quiet for the band from Magdeburg / Bassist Georg announces [upcoming] news.

What are Tokio Hotel actually doing these days?

Picture: One only hears little from Georg Listing, Tom Kaulitz, Bill Kaulitz and Georg Schäfer (from the left) – Tokio Hotel in short. | Photo: dpa

Magdeburg – Screaming girls, flying underwear and millions of fans worldwide – that used to be the daily life of Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg. The four guys from and around Magdeburg conquered the charts and hearts of countless girls as “Tokio Hotel”. However, things concerning the former teen idols have been quiet for a few years. No new songs, no interviews, barely any public appearances. However, what are the four Tokio guys up to?

Tokio Hotel became Germany’s most successful band after they achieved their breakthrough with their debut single “Durch den Monsun” in 2005. The four of them also became teen favourites in France, Austria, England and even America. The four Germans led a rock star lifestyle for almost five years.

Yet things for the Magdeburg guys have suddenly gone quiet after their last big tour in 2010. The band withdrew from the public. The twins Bill and Tom (both 22) even moved to Los Angeles. For two years they have been living with their manager David Jost in a villa with recording studio in the Hollywood Hills. The music producer has always been one of the closest confidants of the band. Drummer Gustav (23) and bassist Georg (25) have completely withdrawn from the world of celebs and are living very down-to-earth together with their girlfriends in Magdeburg.

None of the band members has been seen on TV for a long time. The only exception: singer Bill surprisingly appeared on Heidi Klum’s casting show “Germany’s Next Top Model” in April.

So what’s going on with the band? Will there be new songs? Or has Tokio Hotel already broken up? When Georg was approached by reporters on the street recently, the bassist reassured them: “Of course Tokio Hotel still exists!” One would be hearing from them soon again. Though he couldn’t reveal yet what it was about exactly. Gustav and Georg also had been in touch with the twins on a daily basis. Everybody would be feeling super. So one can be excited. It seems the monsoon isn’t totally over yet for Tokio Hotel.