The Battle Is On: The X Factor Episode 9 Recap

In the last episodes we were going through thousand auditions till 120 contestants on bootcamp. Tonight 60 becomes 24! Now the judges get competitive and they take their category to the judges’ house and the final 24 fight for a place in live shows. The judges are joined by guest mentors: Will.I.Am (Britney), Nick Jonas (Demi), Marc Anthony (Simon) and Justin Bieber (LA Reid). The battle is on!

Miami, FL – Bootcamp: Final Day. Simon: “It’s the moment of the truth!”

Judges are deciding who to keep and who to send back home, it’s a though decision, really though! Meanwhile contestants are waiting for the result and express their thoughts and feeling… Simon explains which kind of categories will be this year: Teens, Young Adults, Over 25s and Groups.

Let’s see which are going to be the six contestans in young adults category:

Simon says that in this category they will lose very good people.

And the six are:

1. Cece Fray

2. Willie Jones

3. Jennel Garcia

4. Nick Youngerman

5. Paige Thomas

6. Jillian Jensen

I’m really really happy for all them except for Cece, but you know it’s also a tv show so there’s need to a competition between two contestants as happening between her and Paige… definitely I’m Team Paige, that girl is such adorable! It has no to be easy to grow up a little girl when you are really really young like her, this definitely is a match for her!

Take a look about Over 25s category and its six components:

1. Jason Brock

2. Daryl Black

3. David Correy

4. Tara Simon

5. Tate Stevens

6. Vino Alan

They are really really great but definitely I’m so sorry for Jeffrey and Freddie, they had something of particular in their voice that I really hoped to listen again. I wish them all the best and maybe to see them next year in new auditions.

And what about the groups?

1. Sisters C

2. Dope Crisis

3. Emblem3

Wait a minute and the other three? Ah, ok… judges still have to decide which of the solo contestants will turn in a member of a new group, it’s the hardest fight for them since they always sung alone…

And last, but definitely not least, let’s discover who will be the Teens:

1. Beatrice Miller

2. James Tanner

3. Carly Rose Sonenclar

4. Diamond White

5. Reed Deming

6. Arin Ray

But there’s still a chance for a couple of them… judges call back on stage few contestant they will be the new three groups: Lylas, Playback and Lyric 145

Now the categories are formed, we just need to know which judge will be the mentor in each category…

Demi hopes for teen adults while Britney hopes for kids.

Simon wants teen adults too while LA won’t over 25s or groups.

In the end… Demi and Britney get the category they hoped for while Simon gets the groups

“I’m happy for that” he says. Simon, it’s clear you aren’t so happy at all!

And LA gets the over 25s category and his reaction is a bit much hahahah

Britney calls Simon for comunicating him her category and now he has no chance anymore!

The fight is on!

Miami, FL

The groups finalists enjoy their time on a boat that takes them in a huge villa, they are waiting to know which will be their judges… The full-lenght windows open and appears Simon which introduce the mentor: Marc Antonhy which knows how they are feeling right now since he was there too and he wished them this can be the beginning of their career.

Los Angeles, CA

Young adults category are in a limo toward a penthouse and they are ready to know their judge.

For Willie this is LA’s house while for Cece is Demi’s one and she’s right.

Demi presents to the guys their mentor: Nick Jonas

Paige: I had a crush on him when I was young!

Malibu, CA

Teens category are going toward their judge home and a radiant and smiling Britney greets them.

Carly: She’s a legend!

Reed hoped Britney was his judge but he loved also LA.

Britney presents their mentor, the $37 million copy worlwide seller: Will.I.Am

And last, at Beverly Hills, over 25s category is waiting for their judge: LA Reid.

LA explains that he was a bit disappointed in the first moment about production’s choice but now he knows one of them will be the winner.

He presents Justin Bieber and Scooter, his manager.

Justin: What counts isn’t the age but the voice you have.

Demi’s house

Demi gives some advices to Jennel before to listen her singing, she wants the girl doesn’t touch so much her hair as she usually does when she performs because she’s nervous.

Jennel sings “I Kissed A Girl” in front of Demi and Nick

While Willie chooses “Nobody Knows” the song that didn’t bring a lot of luck to him during bootcamp but it’s like a second chance for him

For Nick he’s a star but he thinks the boy has to find a mark because sometimes he’s soul and sometimes he’s country!

Start the first little fights between Cece and Jillian, damn I can’t stand Cece, who does she think to be?

Demi and Nick spends few words with Jillian… Demi thinks she has an amazing voice and Jillian hopes to show to Demi and Nick to do this for the rest of her life

The girl sings “Gravity”

Nick: She’s kinda sexy!

Demi explained him to have a particular connection with her because of the same story at their back.

It’s Nick’s turn with “Tik Tok” of Ke$ha. It was pretty funny even though I don’t like the song but he was really really confident!

Demi: I couldn’t tell if I was loving it or super annoyed by it

It’s time to listen Paige’s performance. The girls sings on “Turn Up The Music” but Demi seems to be confused about because she reminds how the audience blowned away during her first auditon in Texas

Paige admits to be a little bit scared…

Can I say something? I’m starting to hate all that leopard print! Cece is so boring, I thought she used that leopard print only for the auditions…

Demi says to the girl she’s a bit unlikable sometimes and she wants to see her vulnerability on stage and she has to use her emotions in the songs.

Cece decides to sing on “I’m Sexy & I Know It”, just for fun she adds.

Nick: She took your directions very well.

Demi: Every single person is a star in this group. It’s pretty tough to eliminate two of them.

And after have listened all the six contestants Demi and Nick are deciding who to eliminate while the guys are in their hotel rooms with thousand questions in their minds….

Simon’s house

Playback, the newly formed group featuring Josh Metzler, Owen Stuart, Austin Corini, Brandon Hassan, and Johnny Maxwell, prove they were worth saving at Simon Cowell’s house during Judges’ Homes.

They say it’s hard for them because they have never been a group and they don’t know each other as well like the other already formed groups but they try to do their best in front of Simon and Marc.

Simon: There’s something kind of naive…

Oops! Someone messed up a song a little bit. Emblem3’s take on the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” but didn’t exactly go as planned.

Seriously they should stop to be so ambitious, it’s ok but they are talking like they are the best ever while they have a lot to learn yet. I’m ready with what Simon said to them!

Even though the performance doesn’t go as planned Marc liked them and especially the youngest of the three is really confident.

Sister C’s performance of Shelby Lynn’s “Leavin'” wowed the judge and guest mentor Marc Anthony. Marc: I think they’re a home run. Magic!

Wait, what Britney said about them? “I think Sister C are annoying” oh yeah, I’m agree with you Britney!

Till now I don’t like any groups… I hope the left three are better!

LYRIC 145, a newly formed rap group featuring Lyric Da Queen and ONE4FIVE, gave an urban spin to Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA” and I have to say: AMEN! This is a performance, guys!

I really love the name of this group because is a combination of the three members and all three rock! I really really love them! Probably the best groups, in my opinion.

ONE4FIVE are impressed and scared at the same time to have found a great feeling with Lyric and they thought it was impossible that could exist a female version of them!

Marc: She is a superstar!

Philadelphia-based hip-hop duo Dope Crisis take on such an original version of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”

Simon: I think they gave anything they could give

And the last one are LYLAS, thrown together as a new girl group, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, Normani Hamilton, and Camila Cabello impressed with Shontelle’s “Impossible”

I really love their performance seated on the chairs, it was such a great chemistry between them!

They are five amazing personalities, I think they will go on!

Marc: I don’t know what to say, unbelievable!

And also Simon and Marc are deciding which groups to send back home and which one to keep…

So, which is the category are you going to support?