Artist Spotlight: From Indian Lakes

Today we have an Artist Spotlight on the 5-piece indie band, From Indian Lakes. These guys have already been compared to the likes of Circa Survive – and I am going to throw a hint of Manchester Orchestra into the ring for a comparison. Their sound is simple with lyrics that tell a story accompanied by beautiful arrangements. Able Bodies, produced by Drwy Owens , will be released on November 13th and will feature 11 brand new songs. You can pre-order the album here today.

Here is a listen to the track “Stay Outside” off the new album for an introduction. It’s fantastic and I have been listening to it for the past few days getting inside of front man Joey Vannucchi’s head. Also, check out this small Q&A with Joey about how the band began, the process of their new DIY album and what music inspires them.

Enjoy. #musicrules.

When and how did you form From Indian Lakes?

I began writing and recording some demos at a friend’s house in Indian Lakes and after uploading them to MySpace I started receiving messages about playing shows. I soon asked my friends to join me and we just kept going and it became a full band after a while.

On the band’s Tumblr, you recently talked about the struggles of self-releasing an album. Can you talk a little more about what you’ve gone through to record Able Bodies? Since the release of our first album we have struggled to figure out the right way to release the next and it has been a pretty long process. We sold our things so we could afford the studio time, held off on releasing it because of lengthy label negotiations, and waited to play most of the songs from it until the time was right. We have toured non-stop since we tracked it so refraining from playing new material has been very hard. We couldn’t be happier with our final decision to release it on our own though, and the support we’ve received from fans has been so inspiring.

What kind of appeal does DIY in the music industry have?

I think the biggest part that appeals to us is the fact that we still own everything we have made. The biggest part of the decision for me was the fact that labels are dishing out old school retail contracts to bands in a very new digital industry, and they are walking away with all of the profits in the end. There is a ton more work involved when you decide to do it on your own, but being in control and keeping your songs is worth it. This isn’t to say that I think bands on labels are foolish, I just feel that no should be getting ripped off in a contract.

You’ve been compared to Enter Shikari and Circa Survive. Are they influences of yours? What other bands or artists inspire you?

I’ve liked Circa Survive off and on since their first record. I think with bands like that I sort of decided which parts I liked and left the writing open for moments that could be similar. That’s how I am with most bands. Even if I don’t like them I can hear things that I appreciate in their songs. I really love the newest Avett Brothers record, and “A Different Kind Of Fix” from Bombay Bicycle club is probably my favorite album right now.

Do the bands that inspire you also reflect each of your personal music collections? Or did you grow up listening to something entirely different?

We all can appreciate most music. I’ve noticed people are always a little surprised when we are ok with a lot of music as long as it’s well made and interesting.

How are you preparing for your fall tour and what do you have planned for fans?

We are excited to get to headline a tour and play a full set for fans, and we will finally get to mix in some new songs. We’ve been supporting bigger tours for a while and have only been playing mostly songs that we have for sale at the shows so its going to be a great feeling to play music off of the upcoming record.

You can catch From Indian Lakes on the road this fall.

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