Hi everyone,

Today, I want to write so personally entry about future.

At the first I feel that I growing here so much. Every person on Buzznet is for me so big inspiration. Thank you so much for showing me the best parts of this world. You are so incredible.

At the second I have some plans of my new artistic life. I want to spread love, happiness and true. You know that I publishing here my story, called “The Pink Tears”. If someone didn’t read, this is about bully, self-harm, eating disorders. Also I trying to put my articles, poems, positive photos, video edited etc

Now I’ll do something new. I thought long time and I’ll do for YouTube movie about subjects which are hard for the teenagers like a suicide, self-harm, problems with acceptations etc I uploaded on YouTube my story(bully) a few months ago. It was in English but right now I want to do something for kids from my country.

Still I’ll write song, poems or articles. During last weekend, I wrote probably my the best song. Can’t wait to show here, but I want to send it to some Polish artists.

And I found at home so old newspapers, magazines from 1964-1980…. And I love it so much. I’ll show to people this old articles that show how lived people in my country, in America, Europe or Asia. There are so cool articles about USA, even I found something in English!!!

I send to everyone many love,

Hope that you have so great weekend…

And I send to everyone heart which I did for Kerli some time ago(I tried to uploaded full version with text “Love” but I had a problem with posted. But if someone wants to see more I can to try upload yesterday in gallery… I have 2 Kerli’s portaits made in this way):