Floral Headband Mania!

I personally love anything floral: shirts, skirts, headbands! You name it, I’m sure it’ll be something I’m dying to put in my wardrobe! One of my favorite items of clothing is a floral vest top I picked up in Primark for something silly like £3 about three years ago! I don’t know what I’d do if I had to get rid of it!

I decided to make this floral headband inspiration gallery as I am planning on creating some of my own headbands in the near future, possibly towards the end of next month/begining of December. I don’t use my bank account much, but I’m going to put some cash in there so I can buy some super cute supplies from some great etsy stores that I’ve found. I’ll keep you posted and updated on any progress that I may or may not make, haha! Watch this space!

I’ve managed to find some really wonderful ideas and creations! Take a look!

Which is your favorite?