20 Questions With Neon Hitch

I recently got the opportunity to ask Neon Hitch 20 fun questions, check them out!

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You had a massive hit with Gym Class Hero’s “Ass Back Home” that you were featured on. How did that collaboration come about?

My boy Benny Blanco was doing the record and asked if I’d wanna be on the hook, I love gym class heroes so was more than happy to have the opportunity.

As an internet fashion blogger and journalist myself, I know how important social media sites are! I read that you were actually discovered through Myspace, is that true? How did that exactly go down?

Yes! Myspace changed my life, I was homeless in the UK and my only hope everyday was checking my Myspace. One day I got a message from Benny Blanco’s manager and he offered to fly me out. I’m a very spontaneous person so I was straight on that plane!

You have a new single out now called “Gold” featuring Tyga. Were you guys in the studio together while working on this or were both your parts recored separately? What’s the track about?

We actually recorded our part separately. It’s a psychedelic love story about finding that guy who stands out in a crowd, that magical person you cant take your eyes off.

I heard that your up-bringing was super interesting and that you lived like a true gypsy, working at circuses, living in caravans, and doing trapeze, that sounds so amazing; I have to have you elaborate on it a bit for us!

The day I was born my house burned down so my mum bought a truck and that was the begining of our travels. we did anything we could to make money and as natural performers, that included doing trapeze, swinging fire and stilt walking at festivals

You’re known for your killer style! How would you describe it to someone?

My style is experimental, there are no rules. I just continue to evolve

Do you have any personal style icons?

Jessica Rabbit, The Beatles, The Little Mermaid and Erykah Badu

Your perfect bright red candy-apple hair is one of your trademarks. Any tips for us colored-hair girls out there on keeping it fresh and vibrant? Is it a pain when you’re touring or on the road a lot?

I have my hairdresser Chelsey Pickthorn color my hair, it’s a long process but i’s worth it, she is amazing.

Do you have a favorite brand of bright colored non-conventional hair dye?

Manic Panic is a winner!

How long have you had your signature red hair? Ever thought about other colors?

I’ve red hair for years now, i’s just keeps getting brighter and brighter. I was considering black hair but I’m not ready to make that kind of change yet.

I actually caught some of your performance at Patricia Field’s during FNO. I thought you were the perfect fit for her party! Any favorite designers at the moment?

Yeah! I love Pat Field! also The Blondes and Lie Sang Bong.

Sequins or glitter?


Three things you always have in your purse/won’t leave house without?

My crystals, my iphone and lip balm.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Making clothes.

Five things you can’t live without?

My laptop, my sister, vision boards, body butter, Jameson.

Night owl or early bird?

Definitely a night owl.

The last thing you ate was?

Kale salad!

Last really good movie or TV show you loved?

This indie movie called Smashed

Cats or dogs? Do you have any pets?

I love both. My mum has my dog Coco she’s a chow chow and looks like a real life teddy bear but is fiesty as hell!

What’s something about you that might surprise your fans that they wouldn’t know, or expect?

I’m the only one in my family with the last name Hitch.

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