Were The VMA’S A HIt Or MiSS?

Let’s chat about the VMA’s performances. I was pretty dissapointed in this years line up and thought that a lot of the artist took the safe right. Remember when the VMA’s use to be all about shocking people and adding a new level to music.

Rihanna opened the show and let’s just say that it wasn’t the right fit. I was hoping for a bang and was sadly dissapointed. BUZZNET sent me to see her show in Vegas a while ago and I was impressed but felt like she wasn’t her normal self at the VMA’s /

One Direction put on an okay performance. The crowd was digging them but felt like they could of added more with production. The lift thing has been over done.

Frank Ocean was my favorite performance of the night. It was everything you could of dreamed about for the VMA’S. His voice is flawless. It was so raw and personal that ifelt like he was singing the song to me.

PINK: I like the intro of her throwing it back to her old days of ‘ Get the party started’ but she has already done the whole circus theme performance a million times. She did work the crowd though.

Green Day, I’ve missed them so much! They always put on a show stopping performance. Billie Joe’s guitar solo was impressive and liked how they brought a bunch of fans into the circle

So Let’s Chat VMA’S Performances.. Did You Think They Were A Hit Or Miss?

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