Unexpected Talented Contestants & Little Stars – The X Factor Episode 2

Let’s see what’s happened in the second episode of THE X FACTOR…

San Francisco, CA

A lot of people are waiting for to enter in the venue and start the auditions.

Two hours and half before the beginning, Johnny Maxwell, 16, student is in the car with his mommy and says X Factor is his dream. He always sung and he won’t fail! His mom tells that he can get it!

Meanwhile the judges arrive and after have greeted the crowd enter in the venue.

Johnny is just the first and he performs on an original song written by him.

LA: You are exactly what we need!

Demi: You have swag. I really enjoyed to watch you!

Simon: I think this is your time!

Britney: You are so passionate. I already see you recording an album

4/4 YES! Well done, Johnny!

Lexa Berman, 22, dancer is rehersing in the backstage and some guys are looking her, she’s really beautiful… she tells: “I’ve been performing since I was 6 years old” and outside she has a talk with another auditioner, Paige Strooback, 19, model/actress.

When Lexa appears on stage, Simon’s face is like: wow! She’s really hot and LA doesn’t miss time asking her if she’s single or married. The girl replies him to be single.

Demi: Simon is single

Lexa: Are you interested?

Simon continues saying the girl is a mix of Jersey Shore and The Kardashian and he likes that combination but unluckily the performance isn’t so good!

Britney: It was really boring!

Demi: When you came on stage I was like: OMG! She’s really gorgeous but after your performance…

Simon: I like your attitude but most of the people don’t like it! I want to give you a second chance and I say yes.

But this isn’t enough, she has three no and she has to leave the stage.

Follow some really bad auditions… to be cute or to have great abs isn’t enough and with “Sexy And I Know It” LMFAO’s song in the background we say: bye bye to a few of contestants but don’t miss what Simon said to a boy band group: “Everything was cute until you started to sing

Britney isn’t any better stopping a young boy who’s singing, or at least he was trying to do it, I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston: “You can’t destroy that song, sweety!

In a pause in the backstage, LA is really frustrated, he didn’t find a star.

But wait a minute LA, maybe the next contestant has the X Factor.

Jason Brock, 34, tech support operator

Even though at first view he could be everything than a talent because of his attitude he really enchanted the audience and the judges with his soul/black voice.

Simon: When you talked about all that impossible things (he’s talking about Jason imagined how it will be his own stage when he will perform in a concert) I was expecting the worse but suddenly I loved this audition

Britney: You are magnificent. You are very entertaining!

LA: You are completely flawless. You are amazing! Your voice is your best friend

Demi: You are sparkle and I see joy when you sing!

4/4 YES – Definitely he deserved them all!

Providence, RI

Some chefs are baking a cake for the occasion…

But come back to the auditions, Patrick Ford, 20, cashier is waiting his turn in the contestants room and he talks with another girl about his passion for Britney… For the occasion he bought for her some red roses and when he comes on the stage he brings them for her.

He is really excited to be there in front of her. He’s a huge Britney’s fan.

But unluckily his performance, on Britney’s Circus song, isn’t among the best we heard.

He got 4 no and he is really upset. He thought, at least, to receive an explanation from Britney and a “thank you” for the flowers…

In the backstage the cake finally arrived and Simon doesn’t miss the occasion to joke with Demi and throws her a bit of cake hahaha

Carly Rose Sonenclar, is a 13 years old girl from New York.

She’s waiting her turn with her parents and she’s really nervous.

She hopes that Britney and Demi say to recognize in her what they used to be when they were young.

When she starts her performance everyone is enchanted and impressed about her powerful voice and in the end she receive a standing ovation from judges.

Britney: Wow! You are a little diva. You are unbelievable!

Demi: I wanna buy your music right now!

LA: And you are only 13. Remember this day… A little star is born and is you!

Simon: Someone is behind the screen and sings for you. I really really like you!

4/4 YES!

And in the backstage LA still expresses his admiration for the young girl: she had the right light, the right song. She’s a star!

If you want to spend forty minutes to watch the episode of last night, check it out:

Which is your favorite unexpected moment?