Thunder Storm & Second Chances On The X Factor Episode 4

The episode 4 is dedicated to Greensboro auditions and watching the promo I think that’ll make the fur fly!!!

Britney’s hotel…

She’s finishing to put makeup and lipstick in her hotel room, she is in bathrobe and when she’s ready she takes it out ehehe she’s super funny! She also says to be happy to be near Lousiana, in a southern country.

Demi is also in her room and she has to dress up while LA is outside in the garden…

They are in their cair toward X Factor arena but the city seems to empty.

“Where’s everyone?” asks Britney.

In front of the arena, of course. A huge crowd among contestant and audience is waiting for the judges arriving…

But wait a minute: where’s Simon?

In his car, he asks to his driver the typical restaurant of the city and she brings him at Jake’s.

Simon tries cheese griffs and takes away some specialities for the other judges…

Britney seems so satisfied about this food:

But come back to the auditions… While judges are enjoying southern food there’s who is really excited for own audition…

Willie Jones, 17 – student

“My family is a big part of my life just like music” he says.

Demi: I love your style, it’s very Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!

Willie starts to singing… DAMN! Make him to win, please! He’s awesome! His voice is so deep and mature, oh Lordy!

LA: You are absolutely original

Britney: I was very surprised and I think like LA said you are very original

Demi: You are really relikable. You are such a rockstar

Simon: I prayed to find someone like you in Greesboro. Your voice is a sensational recording voice. It’s a day to remember!

4/4 YES!

Kalvin McManigle, 47 – lawn mower factory worker

What? Is he 47? Are you kidding? Maybe he’s 74!!!

OMG! Over the fact I don’t understand what he says, he also forgot what he’s going to sing hahaha luckily when the instrumental starts he reminds it but… maybe it’s better if he comes back to his work…

“I love you, Britney!” he says.

Simon: Britney, do you love him too?

Britney: I’m scared after the lighting! Hahahaha

Julia Bullock, 18 – unemployed

She says to be there without the band she used to perform… but what the band thinks about this decision? We see what happened before she come in for the audition, one of the member is her ex-boyfriend and it seems he isn’t so happy about this decision… it seems she prefers to do it alone because the other members aren’t so talented… but on stage she says they would be happy to continue alone without her… in the backstage her ex boyfriend is shaking his head…

Simon: I think you are really really really good, one of my favorites.

Britney: You definitely have an unique sound!

LA: For me you are exactly what we’re looking for!

Demi: You’re awesome and super talent!

4/4 YES!

Meanwhile… outside the arena some PEPSI kiosks entertain the contestant offering new Pepsi flavour and asking which one they prefer and the same do our judges and as usual Demi and Simon haven’t the same opinion…

Krysten Colon, 21 – hairdresser

“I’m ready to be a superstar!”

On stage she says to be finally confident and share what she sings in the shower.

But unluckily her audition goes so well.

Simon: I don’t feel the real you. What I need is a classic song with a your interpretation!

Simon gives her a break, she has a bit of time for to prepare another song…

Jeffrey Gutt, 36 – musician

He is a single dad and his son is there with him.

They are such adorable together and I already am moved to see him with his song, I don’t know what I will do when he will start to sing and obviously and damn, it seems he did it on purpose, he’s going to sing “Halleluijah” of Leonard Cohen. I love that song, it’s one of my favorite and I always cry when I listen it!

His interpretation is really really great, I loved it!

LA: I’m a fan!

Britney: I love how mysterious your voice was.

Demi: You changed the song, I’ve never heard this song in that way *thunder outside* God even rocking right now!

Simon: It’s one of the most brilliant auditions I heard!

4/4 YES!

When he walks off on stage, Demi and Simon continues to talk about Jeffrey

Demi: it’s like the Josh Groban of the rock’n’roll

Simon: Better!

In the meanwhile the weather is literally changing and it starts to rain and lights turn off in the building.

Simon [to a contestant]: Marchello, you know what, that is a sign from someone above saying “Leave”


In the background sounds O FORTUNA by Carl Orff hahaha it’s damn perfect for this kind of situation and definitely bad auditions don’t help…

but the show must go on even though just one of those things such as buckets around the judges seats because a thunder hit the ceiling…

Krysten comes back on stage, maybe now she gets it!

She chose “I have nothing”… mmhh…. it’s one of the hardest songs ever and maybe only Whitney couldn’t sing it!

A huge thunder closed the main light on stage and Britney starts to scream so loud hahahah

Unluckily for Krysten this another chance was maybe worse than the first one and she gets four no.

She’s so upset and she throws water on the cameras and want to hit the cameramen with a chair and in the end she left the building running…

WOW! It’s been such an intense episode:

The X Factor USA – Episode 4 – S2 [09.20.2012] di BBCTheVoiceuk1

Which is your favorite moment/performance of this episode?