Tavi Gevinson And Jimmy Fallon Make Faces (VIDEO)

Doesn’t every girl wish they could be Tavi Gevinson? The teen style maven was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote her Rookie Yearbook One, a publication based off of her popular style website. Tavi confirmed that she’s cooler than anyone when she told Jimmy Fallon that she doesn’t go to that many fashion shows anymore.

While the fashion world is buzzing about New York Fashion Week, this trendsetter is too busy for all that, at the ripe old age of 16. She also won over everyone watching when she corrected the host when he asked where she grew up, saying that she was still growing up… outside of Chicago. However, the absolute best part of the interview is when Tavi shows a tutorial on how to give “bitch face.” The young fashion plate is hilarious (and spot-on) while describing, and demonstrating, the art of expressing teenage passive aggression.

Do you think Tavi is a style icon?

(Bonus points for commenting with a pic of your favorite expression of teen angst!)

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