Song with a Message: Nobody Ever Told You by Carrie Underwood

Nobody Ever Told You by Carrie Underwood

Everyone has felt insecure at one time or another. We so often pick apart every little flaw we think we have. Whether it’s that we are too big or to small, too thick or too thin, too loud or too quite, too boyish or too girlish, etc… Since we feel so insecure, often we try to hide our so called “flaws” by wearing too much makeup, excercising, wearing baggy clothes, dieting, and just trying to change ourselves and how we look. And when we wear a swimsuit or shorts we often start to feel very insecure and uncomfortable.

It’s time that we stop feeling insecure and instead start loving ourselves and start celebrating our differences. We need to start loving the things that make us different because think about how boring the world would be if everyone looked and acted the same. We also need to stop considering the things that make us different “flaws” because who’s to choose who’s pretty. We need to stop thinking so lowly of ourselves and, instead, start loving ourselves by thinking positive thoughts and think about the things we love about ourselves.

“Let’s throw away all the magazines, turn off the static on the TV, wish you could see yourself the way I do.”

What often makes us feel insecure is comparing ourselves to others. Most of us tend to compare ourselves to the people around us; celebrities, models, actresses, musicians, etc… When we compare ourselves to others, we often envy the way the other person looks and that makes us wish that we looked like that person. All comparing ourselves to others does is tear our self-estem apart. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and instead love the way we look and remember that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, acting like it knows it all, tells you lies of vanity, it doesn’t care what’s underneath.”

When we look in the mirror everyday, we tend to pick apart our “flaws”, wishing we could change them. Instead, when you look in the mirror, spend a few minutes just admiring the things you love about yourself, because trust me, this will really help build up your self-esteem.

“You shine like a dimaond, glitter like gold, you need to know what nobody ever told you.”

As important as it is for us to have a high self-esteem we need to also try to make the people around us have a high self-esteem. Ways we can build up others is by making the people around us feel important, whether we know them or not, and by complimenting them. We also need to think before we speak, so that we won’t say anything that will bring others down.

If I’m ever feeling insecure, I listen to this song by Carrie Underwood and it makes me happy and reminds me of how beautiful I am. I hope that when you hear this song it makes you feel the same way and that it reminds you of how important you are. Also, I hope you remember, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, it’s what’s on the inside.

“Free as a brid up on a wire, just like a flower growing wild, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful.”