Somebody Who Follows Her Father’s Footsteps & Ice Ice Babyney On The X Factor Episode 5

Tonight the fight for $5 million continues…

Providence, RI

LA is on a local radio two hours before the auditions meanwhile we can notice some of the contestants of today as a few groups…

Britney talks with her manager Larry re touching her makeup

It’s time to start the show but wait, Simon is always in late!

Hahaha his arrival always is so epic! I love you Simon!

First audition:

Adonis & John, 33 & 32 – group

John before to come on stage eases the tension screaming: This is Sparta!

Ok, man!

On stage they perform on “Hello” by Lionel Richie and… No, definitely not guys!

Oh Lordy, Britney’s laugh is priceless! Love you my Goddess!

LA: The good news is that you a day job!

Demi: I’ve never heard that so good. Peace out, it’s a no!

Simon: with this “uh” he murdered the song!

John off on stage says that also Eminem received a lot of “no” before to become a superstar… Ok, John! Don’t compare you with a hip hop legend like Eminem, please don’t!

Also the next contestants get a great audition

LA: What’s going on in this place today?

Britney to a contestant: I think you sound a bit insanely!

LA to another one: You just destroyed that song!

It’s such a bad bad day, guys!

“Please, give me a chance” exclaims a contestant.

“This isn’t exactly what we’re looking for” replies LA and the contestant walks off stage crowling on his knees really really upset and crying too. Oh Lordy!

Play down a bit this weird situation with Britney and her absurd requests hahaha

She wants a tiara, but for what? We’re going to see it soon!

Dinah Jane Hansen, 15 – student

“Britney Spears is one of my first idol” she says “A record deal is my dream”

She also tells to live in a house with her family (parents, sisters and brother, grandparents), over 20 people all together in the same house and she’s the oldest of her sis and bros

She performs on “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce and damn, for me she’s better than Beyonce and finally a great voice after really bad auditions.

LA: Listen, you didn’t copy Beyonce. It’s amazing. I love it! I predict that you will be one of the finalists!

Britney: You made my day! I felt a connection with you since the first moment you start to sing.

Demi: I have the chills. You have an incredible voice.

Simon: This is why we came to Providence for to find someone like you!

4/4 YES!

When Dinah walks off on stage, Simon is still impressed about the 20 people in an only one house.

“Grandpa and grandma are going to kill us for telling people we are in 23 people at home” says Dinah’s mom to her daughter.

And finally we know the reason about the tiara.

“It’s so beautiful on you” exclaims Britney putting the tiara on Simon’s head.

Then he puts it on Britney’s head saying she’s the most beautiful princess in the world!

Arin Ray, 16 – student

He already tried the audition with a group but he didn’t get it, now he’s come back as solo artist.

Simon: I know you! – when Arin comes on stage

Arin starts his performance and he reminds me a lot of Chris Brown, love his original song, one thing is sure he conquered audience’s hearts and also Demi.

LA: I liked you last you, I love you even more this year! You emboded X Factor day and night!


ney: I think I found a true star. You are the reason why I’m here right now!

Demi: Your confidence is really really hot. I’m really impressed. You definitely have the X FACTOR.

Simon: What happened to you in the last 12 months? You are a different person. Four very well deserved yeses.

“I wanna win this time” he says once off stage.

Luckily judges are goin

g to say bunch of cool yeses for the next contestants…

Natalie Marth, 16 – student

“Britney Spears is my biggest inspiration” she answers to Demi’s question.

Simon: I really really like you

LA: It’s easy. It’s yes!

Britney: It definitely is yes. You are a star

Demi: So impressed

4/4 YES!

Nick Perre

lli, 16 – student

Britney: I found you brilliant!

Simon: I have a good feeling about you!

LA: Absolutely yes!

4/4 YES!

Beatrice Miller, 13 – student

LA: You really are special

Simon: Ready to scream, you have four yeses!

4/4 YES!

ONE4FIVE, 19-23 – group

Wow, these two dudes are really really great and charming. So original in the style and it’s amazing to see who already knows how to move on stage like them. They really are confident!

4/4 YES!

A bit of China arrived in Providence…

Meet Changyi Li, 52 – unemployed

She is pretty weird with her sailor suite.

“I want to be a superstar like MJ, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears” she explais.

My mom: “You wake up really late for to be a superstar!”

HAHAHA Bow to you, mom! You learnt from Simon XD

Simon asks if she’s married but she denies.


“I’m peaky!”

She performs on “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion, even though I should say Go Gon hahah as she sings! And I didn’t understand in which language she sung, a mix of English, Chinese and a new language.

Simon: The good news is that if they ever remake the movie you could replace the iceberg!


Britney: I don’t think singing is for you. I think you could probably start dancing!

Oh Lordy, Britney! Hahahah you rock!

LA: That’s why we do this! *after Changyi walks off stage*

Greensboro, NC

Austin Corini, 16 – student

He is in the backstage and two audience memebers, two little girls, has a complete crush on him, oh damn, this is the most embarassing moment… He signed also their arm. He’s not a fuck of nobody yet and they asked for an autograph? They definitely still have to grow up!

Ok, he has a good voice but other contestants impressed me more than him!

Britney: I think you have an amazing voice. I love your hair and I think you are adorable!

Demi: I feel you have a great voice

LA: You are adorable. I get it!

Simon: Nice song. I want you are not remembered for your hair but for your voice,

4/4 YES!

And now it’s the moment we are waiting for…

Nick Youngerman, 20 – janitor

He performs on “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice.

“I love this song!” exclaims Britney and she starts to dance. So lovely! For me it’s a YES!

Simon: This is a song can change your life!”

4/4 YES!

JAMIE, 23-27 – group

They are a couple also in the life and they are like two squbs, please!

They sung on an original song but they get 4 NO!

David Correy, 26 – musician

“I hope to close up with my birth mother with my voice” he says.

He has been adopted by a family, his mom was 14 when he was born and he would like to know who she is.

He performs on “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

Britney: I think you are great. You have an amazing presence

LA: You really sing, man! You really good on!

Demi: I’m excited to give you the third yes!

4/4 YES!

San Francisco, CA

A lot of people are waiting for to enter in the building when it arrives a black car a lovely brown hair girl comes out with her mother and her father. Wait a minute, but he is Gene Simmons of KISS!

Sophie Tweed Simmons, 19 – student

“I want to be who I am without to be Gene Simmon’s daughter”

Also the other contestants start to notice her father’s presence.

When she introduces herself on stage Demi exclaims: “That’s why I know you! You are Nick’s sister! Nick is Gene Simmons kid”

I think a lot of you guys noticed Nick’s photos in Hanna Beth profile, Nick and Demi are Hanna’s friends so it’s obvious she already knows her!

Demi: I think you have something special!

Britney: I think you have an amazing voice

Simon: I think you have a very interesting tone in your voice… I like you tried with this song and give your interpretation!

LA: I really like you but for me it’s a no!

3/4 YES!

Simon: A lot of practise for the next part!

Meanwhile in the backstage…

Tara Simon, 27 – vocal coach asks to another contestant what she thinks about Simmon’s daughter and she answers she’s good but not for Tara.

She does some press-ups before to come on stage.

“My dream is to be a singer” she says.

“If you could delete an artist of the music, who would be? asks LA and she replies: Christina Aguilera.

She performs on a ballad version of “Without You” by Usher and David Guetta.

LA: I’m really happy about this audition. You are damn good!

Britney: You are a true performer!

Demi: When you did those Mariah Carey stuff you blowed me away!

Daryl Black, 37 – musician

With him today his wonderful wife and two of their five children.

“It’s my time to shine” he says.

Britney: Your stage presence is amazing. Your voice is very smooth. I loved it!

Simon: You remind me of Nat King Cole! You are unique as nobody else. This is a place for you!

4/4 YES

And the last for tonight is Trevor Moran, 13 – student

He records a video for internet and then invites another contestant to dance and sing with him on “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Jae Repsen while he’s waiting for his turn

But one hour later we see him not so good, lies down on the floor and doctors around him

Poor Trevor!

Stay Tuned for the next episode and we will see what’s happened to him!

Which has been your favorite moment/performance of this episode?