Reasons Why Lauren Berger Loves Rebel Wilson Of Pitch Perfect

Last week I attended an amazing screening of Pitch Perfect, a movie I’ve been dying to see! I mean any movie with singing and dancing is going to catch my eye, but I knew this one looked special. I was right! The music, singing, and dancing made me want to jump out of my seat and join them.

After the screening, they did a Q& A with the cast and we were able to chit-chat and ask everyone questions. We also had the opportunity to attend a cocktail party with the cast afterwards. I made sure to go up to some of the cast members (especially Anna Camp) and tell them how much I loved their performances. One standout performance in this movie was Rebel Wilson. I’d seen in a few other projects but wasn’t too familiar until I saw this movie. Rebel is already a huge star and will continue to sky rocket in popularity after this movie. She knocked this role out of the ballpark with her sense of humor and ability to make even the most simple line hysterical. In the movie she plays “Fat Amy” and she rocks it. I love how in the film she owns the role, takes charge, and isn’t afraid to be silly, put herself out there, and shake it.

Go check out Pitch Perfect – I promise you will fall in love with Rebel Wilson and her comedic timing if you haven’t already! Enjoy!